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  1. GotMyESPY

    Horford to Boston!

    Is there any reason Horford couldn't play the 4 next to a guy like Noel? I still think that's on the table because Philly absolutely has to balance its roster. It might cost us Smart and another player but there's your rim protector for the next five years.
  2. GotMyESPY

    The Durant Sweepstakes

    Dammit, someone check the tower logs!!!
  3. GotMyESPY

    The Durant Sweepstakes

    There's no way this has come down to a 3-week process for KD. These discussions have been going on for a long time between player and agent, player to player, and likely in some cases player/agent and team execs. The fact that BOS has a meeting tells me that the foundation has been laid for KD...