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    After BB and Tom ride off into the sunset...

    I'll keep watching, but I don't get to see too many games living on the west coast anyways since I don't get Sunday Ticket. If they had something like Ballstreams I'd pay to watch all the Pats games thougj.
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    BbtL/Patriots Nation Super Bowl Roll Call

    Nice. I go to school in Sunnyvale.
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    BbtL/Patriots Nation Super Bowl Roll Call

    Redwood City, CA with my girlfriend, our 9 year old boys & my 3 month old daughter. Her son is a 9er fan but my son is a Patriots fan & this is his first Super Bowl since he started caring about sports.
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    Kobe Bryant - scathing article

    Same. Kobe isn't young enough to keep playing elite basketball through all these injuries. I didn't get to watch many games last year but from what I saw he didn't look too far away from the Wizards era of his career. So I don't know how he's gonna make anyone regret anything... (unless it's...
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    Royals vs Giants-WS Game 1

    And also because, having moved to SF 20 years ago from Springfield, I've come to hate Giants fans. Every single one I've met is either fickle or an annoying homer. And now that I read about Sung Woo Lee, I'll be rooting for Kansas City.
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    Thank You Cuzittt!

    Add me to the list too. It's been a few years since I was last on SOSH but since I recently came back I've loved coming into these forums and reading up on pretty much everything posted. This section is awesome and I don't feel like saying thank you is even enough.
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    8/31 MiLB Gameday: Rusney Castillo Debuts

    Any way to watch the GCL game tomorrow?