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  1. Dick Drago

    Tony Conigliaro: The Bell Still Tolls For Thee (An Update, Inspired By Art Martone and Mike F).

    Wow. Goosebumps —I was 8 in ‘75, and remember his last comeback, and hearing my Dad talk about him…but this really illustrates his charisma and talent in a new way. Thank you for this.
  2. Dick Drago

    Thoughts/Impressions on “The Dynasty” Apple TV Series

    I wish they’d cut the bit with the smug ex-cop head of security with the tough guy act. He thinks he solved the Jimmy Hoffa case.
  3. Dick Drago

    Thoughts/Impressions on “The Dynasty” Apple TV Series

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I know it isn’t meant to be a hi-lite show…but they should have at least mentioned his name as an integral part of the 2007 re-tooling.
  4. Dick Drago

    Mac's Future

    QUOTE="lexrageorge, post: 5839534, member: 34669"] Those are all correct. The problem was that the team's record was 23-38 in the games he started. And in his final healthy season in New England, he was tied for the league lead in interceptions and led the league in percentage of pass attempts...
  5. Dick Drago

    Dick Drago, 1975 Sox saves leader has passed at age 78

    I can remember the Hawk exclaiming “here comes the Dragon,” when he came in-he actually won 17 games one year as a starter-and had two good 2,3 month runs as a closer end of ‘75 and early in ‘79—but far more suited to be a set up guy. I know we revisit it constantly, but that ‘78 bullpen...
  6. Dick Drago

    Most talented Pats team of all time

    Pre-Brady/BB they’d be my choice (1978, meant to quote Saint’s post above): WR Morgan and Harold Jackson, both over 20 yards per catch-I’d say both are all time greats, considering the era. TE Russ Francis, probably = Casper as best blocking and receiving TE of the ‘70s. All time great John...
  7. Dick Drago

    Week 5: Saints at Pats

    Marcus Jones, Gonzalez, Judon, now Douglas—not only does the team suck, their only exciting players are hurt.
  8. Dick Drago

    Let's enjoy memories of the Red Sox of the past 20 years! What were your favorites (team/player/moment/etc)?

    Yeah, the whole ‘03 and ‘04 playoff seasons on this site were a salvation. Like someone said, others didn’t quite understand-the highs, lows, exhaustion-the game threads were magical. The “her Father is the District Attorney “ show advertised non stop on the broadcast would come on, and lighten...
  9. Dick Drago

    Russ Francis Killed In A Plane Crash

    He was a great character and great TE-blocking as well as receiving…devastating news. There are some old Pats games on YouTube, he was a remarkable athlete-it was a different league, but he was as dominant as one could be at that position. I don’t think the local media liked him, he didn’t fit...
  10. Dick Drago

    Game 4 @DAL Goat Thread

    Mac seems to have the unfortunate combination of very mediocre tools and low confidence. He fell apart after the fumble, much like he would last year if there was a sack or a pick. When he’s afraid to make a mistake…it leads to bigger mistakes. I think he could be decent if he could keep it...
  11. Dick Drago

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

  12. Dick Drago

    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Dick McAuliffe. Pretty good 2nd baseman, completely over the hill by the time he got to Boston. Typical of the pre-75 Sox, bringing in guys well past their prime—Marichal, Aparicio, Cepeda, Diego Segui to name a few. McAuliffe I only remembered reading this thread-my 7 year old self dreaded...
  13. Dick Drago

    Offseason game thread- shed your salty tears

    I’m still kind of obsessing over the lost opportunities, and how close they came to winning the series-despite playing poorly. The only way I make myself cope is I have a month of my life back-I’d be obsessing over every game, each series, injury—now time has opened up to spend time and energy...
  14. Dick Drago

    Offseason game thread- shed your salty tears

    Nothing in sports is more crushing than losing game 7 in OT. Living with the last minute goal, Pasternak’s nearly finishing it make it more crushing than if they’d lost 4-1. I STILL shudder when I think of Al Sims hitting the post in game 2 of ‘74, O’Reilly almost winning in OT in ‘79…Glen...
  15. Dick Drago

    Game 6 at Florida---Get the Job Done

    Whatever people think of Don Cherry, he was the master at this-they’d get screwed in Montreal and he’d intimidate the refs by standing on the bench screaming, and reaming them out post-game. Then you’d see defenseman like Doak and Milbury getting away with grabs and hooks on the much faster...
  16. Dick Drago

    Round 1, Game 3 - Bruins at Panthers. For Papa Patrice.

    Hockey is probably the most difficult on radio-the best I’ve heard was Bob Wilson, who not only had golden pipes, but genuinely loved the game and conveyed excitement. When I was a kid the west coast games often were not broadcast on TV38, so I’d huddle in my room listening to Bob. It was a...
  17. Dick Drago

    2022-23 Bruins Season

    I can’t help but think about what could have been-the Orr/Espo Bruins gutted by Orr’s injury, WHA defections, and apparently too much nightlife. Feels like they should’ve won at least 2, 3 more titles.
  18. Dick Drago

    RIP Bill Campbell

    As many innings as he pitched, the problem many had with Zimmer was his use in low-leverage situations-he’d come in if the Sox were a few runs behind, then have to close out the next day. Zim underutilized Willoughby, and lost innings by starting Reggie Cleveland instead of Jenkins. The ‘77...
  19. Dick Drago

    RIP Bill Campbell

    He was great in ‘77–great fastball and screwball criminally overused by Gerbil (and in ‘76 in Minn.) He was coming back from an injury in ‘78, and Zimmer promptly let him pitch 4 innings in a game vs the Yankees and got hurt again-never made it back to his ‘76-77 form. Could’ve been a great...
  20. Dick Drago

    Franco Harris dies

    What a great guy. I hated those old Steelers teams, but have had to begrudgingly admire them in retrospect. Franco was fast for a guy so big—I remember him going on a sweep to one side, entirely reversing, and making the edge on the other side. Most guys it’s a poor play, but Franco could pull...