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  1. Frito Tankona

    UPDATED: SI builds a wall ... now wall crumbles

    Emma Baccellieri is great on MLB and other sports
  2. Frito Tankona

    What, Again?

    Yes - sounds awful
  3. Frito Tankona

    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

  4. Frito Tankona

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    Any suggestions on what home internet package we should get for our new house in central Connecticut? It's a second home so we'll only be there a few weekends a month and maybe a week at a time over the holidays. We certainly don't plan to get cable tv, so we'll be depending on the internet to...
  5. Frito Tankona

    Site Infection?

    I get them as well
  6. Frito Tankona

    @ Flyers 1-25

    What a shitty call
  7. Frito Tankona

    PGA Championship- Whistling Straits

      Yup.  Couldn't get it to work in Chrome or FF.
  8. Frito Tankona

    1/7: Penguins

  9. Frito Tankona

    Week 16 Game Thread

    Manning face! Love it
  10. Frito Tankona

    WS Game 7!

    Awful.  Sucks being on a plane full of fairweather SF Giants fans.
  11. Frito Tankona

    Future TV panel options

      I totally agree with this.
  12. Frito Tankona

    Future TV panel options

      Yeah, I haven't heard great things about Abe's.  I'm also sensitive about only purchasing from "authorized" retailers.  I'm willing to pay a few $ more.  Getting Best Buy to match seems ideal (if possible). 
  13. Frito Tankona

    Future TV panel options

      I think you're making the right choice.  I think I'll get one too.
  14. Frito Tankona

    Future TV panel options

      Thanks.  I will google as well. I think we sit about 8 feet from the screen but will measure tonight.  
  15. Frito Tankona

    Future TV panel options

    Does the pentile thing affect all 60" Samsungs?  I was about to pull the trigger on a 60" 8500 but am now waffling a bit.  I currently have a 55" Panasonic VT60 that I'm concerned is a bit too small.
  16. Frito Tankona

    And then there was one... Samsung ending Plasma production

    This stinks.  I got a 55" Panasonic VT60 last year and it is amazing.  I wish I had gotten the 60" though.  I may have to quickly order one of the Samsung 8500s.