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    Apple Vision Pro AR Headset

    It seems inevitable that Apple will do Friday Night Baseball broadcasts where you can change your perspective throughout the game. I’ve never sat in the Monster seats or behind home plate at Fenway, but I think this will get me close. I can confirm - as it is my job to develop this capability...
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    My job involves broadcasting R&D so have worked with a lot of the Japanese manufacturers, one of which has sold 8K camera systems to NFL teams, which use it for evaluating replay challenges independently of the broadcast feeds. NHK has sponsored a lot of their development, in part for the...
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    Non-revenue college sports thread

    Congrats Longhorns on a dominant Finals performance. 6-0 run to end the 3rd, with a Skinner back-row kill and then O’Neal ace to win it.
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    Non-revenue college sports thread

    Note - It will be on ABC - a first for a non-revenue sport, I think they mentioned on last night's broadcast. It seems ABC realized what @Coachster and @BaseballJones wrote above - it is a really compelling, exciting sport to watch.
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    Non-revenue college sports thread

    Congrats, Kremlin Watcher, Badgers had no answer for Madisen Skinner, and the tremendous ‘horns defense. Should be a great Final
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    Non-revenue college sports thread

    Congrats on beating Stanford. Should be a great Semi, between the last two champs. Winner takes on winner of Nebraska/Pitt
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    Non-revenue college sports thread

    Unbelievable rallies in tonight’s Wisconsin/Oregon women’s volleyball regional final. You’ll see at least one on espn top ten plays. Wisconsin on to Tampa for National Finals.
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    10/22- Bruins @ Ducks

    Reading about Poitras in the preseason thread convinced me to get tix when they came to Anaheim and I purposely went to the end they’d shoot at twice, which worked out nicely.
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    College Football Bucket List

    Thanks for this pic and memory. My HS buddy was a 'pard and I visited and helped get the post back to Chi Phi Rho in probably 1985, and went to Lehigh the following year for the game. Those were some ugly weekends, especially the drink-offs between the chapters of the Lehigh/Lafayette frats on...
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    The I Love Marcus Smart Thread

    This was an interesting story on 60 Minutes, and with some surprising content for this thread:
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    Ballmer buys The Forum from James Dolan in order to build his new arena

    I wonder if they are also apportioning them differently between men's and women's (and family/unisex) options - this has been a frequent design complaint, and today would have been a good day to promote that advancement. More than once I've brought my date into the men's room at a concert, when...
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    What’s Different About This Year

    This has been a fascinating thread so as a mostly-lurker I wanted to post to thank you all for the analysis. My observation is more anecdotal from reading game threads but ISTM the Bruins had a bad tendency to give up goals late in periods the last years, to the point where I noticed it and...
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    Your First Sports Illustrated Issue

    I started getting SI probably around 1974, and don't really remember the cover of the first issue I got, but yesterday, when the Nets announced their new coach, the first image in my head was his cover shot while he was at Kansas. I was surprised to learn that it was in 1995.
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    Defensive OF Footwork: Is Bader The Master?

    I hadn’t seen Bader play or read this thread but immediately thought of it when I saw how Bader popped up from his slide into second and continued to third last night. I realize it isn’t what the OP was about but his nimble footwork stuck out, to me at least.
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    AppleTV Announces Deal For Friday Night MLB Games

    I checked tonight and don’t think there is a way to pause the live stream. I watch on the built in ATV app on my TV (Android). The normal play controls I see for VOD seemed disabled. I’ve been surprised at the poor stream quality from the first games and it doesn’t seem to be improving -...
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    NESN will show Red Sox home games in 4K HDR in 2022

    I worked for VZ FiOS before it launched, and they crowed about how they passed on the HD signals from the satellite without any compression. Because it was "fiber" it was in their minds unlimited, so they allocated the bandwidth liberally, to channels like WealthTV HD, despite my warnings that...
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    NCAA volleyball championship

    That was really entertaining. Some amazing play in all facets on both sides of the net. Never knew the hair rule but it was clear. I will have to DVR the final though, unless it is quick. Go Badgers!
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    Red Sox player that you cared most about

    Reading all these old names is great, but this post flashed me right back to standing at the fence near the on-deck circle at Eldridge Park and seeing him getting ready to hit for the Cardinals and then seeing him in town a few days later getting ice cream or whatever. I was so excited when he...
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    Ray Fosse passes away

    I can't remember if I knew who Ray Fosse was before I bought a catcher's mitt from a friend as an 11 year old, and it was a Ray Fosse model, but of course I quickly learned about him afterward. I still have the mitt. RIP, Mr. Fosse
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    Streaming NFL games

    it seems pretty random - when I checked for my house a few years ago, I was deemed eligible for streaming, despite being able to see my neighbor's dish about 15 feet from where I sit while typing this. Now that I'm in, they happily take my $$$, and now that we have 2 teams in LA filling the...