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  1. scott bankheadcase

    Spurs 23/24: I'm Loving Big Ange Instead

    It's crazy that I mainly agree about Son, except even in that bad day, he assists VDV's goal, has the through pass to Werner that results in the OG and clanks a shot off the post (after a fingertip save).
  2. scott bankheadcase

    The Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game

    An old friend of mine, Mark Wright, does a poscast called press pause. Last October he had Shaka Hislop on to talk about the red card to racism initiative. Worth checking out if you have time.
  3. scott bankheadcase

    The TrevorEnding Story: needs shoulder surgery, out for the year (4/9 update)

    The way Hamilton makes sense is if they're still in an evaluation phase with Story. Which does make sense with a return East in a couple days. If it's long term, let's hope for a different strategy.
  4. scott bankheadcase

    4.6 - Angels in the Outfield

    Ugh, no idea why I just assumed it was a 4 p.m. start today. That was going to work in perfectly with having it on while I cooked a Saturday night dinner. The small pleasures in life. BOOOOO! Win anyway.
  5. scott bankheadcase

    4.3 - A’s Kickin’

    done and done
  6. scott bankheadcase

    3/30 - The Road Trip: Game 3

    Crazy how Devers makes this feel like a solid lineup, but without him seems very underwhelming. He’s that important.
  7. scott bankheadcase

    Shohei Ohtani’s attorneys accuse interpreter of ‘massive theft’ tied to alleged gambling

    Wasn’t there some provision in his contract that he had an opt-out if his translator was fired?
  8. scott bankheadcase

    MW28 - Too early for a clever title

    Timo maybe finding a finishing touch again… 2 in 2.
  9. scott bankheadcase

    Spurs 23/24: I'm Loving Big Ange Instead

    Hoping, much like sometimes a seeing-eye single can break you out of a slump, him finishing that cross last week will give him more confidence in finishing moving forward. It's a very optimistic hope, but if he can get really rolling then I think top 4 is very doable.
  10. scott bankheadcase

    The 2024 San Francisco 49ers

    He probably meant Championship Games. Niners have been in 3 of 4 NFC championship games (and 4 of the last 5).
  11. scott bankheadcase

    Americans Abroad 2022-23

    Spurs facebook page with some random appreciation after playing Palace:
  12. scott bankheadcase

    Match Week 27 - These Charming Mancs

    Really game on now. Fully deserved. Luton way better than Villa this half.
  13. scott bankheadcase

    Match Week 27 - These Charming Mancs

    Man, Villa is a super cynical side and they complain after every (mainly right) call. I don’t watch them much but based on this game they’re really annoying.
  14. scott bankheadcase

    Clippers unveil their rebranding for next season

    Changing name and identity is so freaking annoyingly hard to do with especially I.P. law and trademarks (but also smaller but really annoyingly hard things like how naming and history work with a bunch of internal processes), that basically the league needs a really good reason for it. The...
  15. scott bankheadcase

    Matt Araiza Cleared of Gang-Rape at SDSU; Signed by Chiefs

    Cooking dinner!? It’s 10:30! This is why you continue to be one of my favorite posters.
  16. scott bankheadcase

    Spurs 23/24: I'm Loving Big Ange Instead

    And just when Spurs get Son back and are starting to feel healthy.... Udogie and Porro both out tomorrow. Looking like maybe Royal and Davies in those spots? Both are capable if not spectacular.
  17. scott bankheadcase

    ESPN, FOX, Warner Bros to launch standalone streaming app

    So... I have very close knowledge to how the NBA does all the streaming. And they absolutely have the infrastructure setup to go direct if they want to. They've made huge capital investment taking all the infrastructure back from Turner and microsoft set most of it up for them. The part the NBA...
  18. scott bankheadcase

    Is It Over Now? Chiefs/Niners SB Thread

    Yeah. Non-contact just tore running back onto the field. I honestly think it was a deciding factor on the game (considering it went to the end of OT). Greenlaw is one of the best players on that D.
  19. scott bankheadcase

    Is It Over Now? Chiefs/Niners SB Thread

    Greenlaw tore his Achilles. Just fucking brutal.
  20. scott bankheadcase

    Is It Over Now? Chiefs/Niners SB Thread

    Niners second level D got a lot worse when Greenlaw went out. I’m crushed.