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  1. fiskful of dollars

    sǝloᴉɹo ǝɹoɯᴉʇlɐq ǝɥʇ ʇɐǝq

    That was a disgraceful home series.
  2. fiskful of dollars

    sǝloᴉɹo ǝɹoɯᴉʇlɐq ǝɥʇ ʇɐǝq

    Are we tanking? It looks like we’re tanking.
  3. fiskful of dollars

    MLB Mount Rushmore

    Ruth Robinson Mays Koufax (I think there absolutely has to be a pitcher-but it’s a good debate) Ted if there’s a fifth.
  4. fiskful of dollars

    April 7. End of the West Coast Trip.

    I like home runs.
  5. fiskful of dollars

    4.3 - A’s Kickin’

  6. fiskful of dollars

    Just What is Apex Mountain: Rewatchables discussion thread

    I THINK Shot Caller is the first Rewatchable that I haven't seen at least once. In fact, I don't think I've ever even heard of it. Any good?
  7. fiskful of dollars

    3.31 - Easter Funday

    It’s undoubtedly waaay too early but I really like what I saw this weekend. Encouraging start.
  8. fiskful of dollars

    3/29/24 - Red Sox at Mariners

    I had forgotten how much I hate Bobby fucking Dalbec.
  9. fiskful of dollars

    3/28/24 - Opening Day 2024 - Red Sox at Mariners

    Let’s win the whole fucking thing.
  10. fiskful of dollars

    3/23 - Floor the Flyers

    Wow, what an answer!!
  11. fiskful of dollars

    3/16 Phuck Philly

    Wow. Coyle with a clinical finish.
  12. fiskful of dollars

    Misc. Pats Offseason News

    Are we going Full Throttle ™?
  13. fiskful of dollars

    Misc. Pats Offseason News

    Oohh! Is there a Chantilly Conference debate coming? I’ve been waiting for this my whole SOSH career!
  14. fiskful of dollars

    23-24 Bruins Season Thread

    I wondering the same: If they think they need a big, physical D presence in front of the net, especially with the difficulty protecting late leads and 6-on-5 situations, maybe they over reached on this type of player? In the playoffs, they are gonna have to shore up that glaring weakness. Maybe...
  15. fiskful of dollars

    3/7 - All Dressed Chips > Maple Leafs

    Beautiful strip sack! Hey, I’m mixing up sports, I know. But Jack called a can of corn earlier.
  16. fiskful of dollars

    3/5: More of that Northern Touch

    I’m not sure how I’m gonna survive this season. Christ.
  17. fiskful of dollars

    Thoughts/Impressions on “The Dynasty” Apple TV Series

    I'm finding myself turning sharply against this series. It's waaaay too negative. Omitting some of the spectacular streaks, players, games, comebacks, and strategic owning of the NFL is pissing me off. I get it. It's based on a book. Still, this is not what I was hoping for. Focusing on the...