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  1. Dr Strangeglove

    First time visit to Fenway

    Section 17 seats are terrific. I saw my first Sox game from that section in 1957. 64 years later got to sit there again. Hope the weather is sunny. Walking up the ramp to get to our seats, emerging into the sunshine, a riot of color which I had only seen before on a black-and-white TV, was a...
  2. Dr Strangeglove

    3/22 Cs @ Detroit Rock City

    May they continue, at least for today, to be the pissed-ons.
  3. Dr Strangeglove

    Is It Over Now? Chiefs/Niners SB Thread

    That's an amazing accomplishment. Thanks for posting it.
  4. Dr Strangeglove

    1/19 vs DEN - Wait, it’s a home game?

    Somebody’s going to get injured trying to avoid hanging on. Let’s hope it’s not one of the C’s
  5. Dr Strangeglove

    1/19 vs DEN - Wait, it’s a home game?

    That was one heck of a quarter of highly professional basketball
  6. Dr Strangeglove

    1/10: Wolves@Celtics

    Not just Rhody roots, but the authentic Nort' Providence accent.
  7. Dr Strangeglove

    1/5 - There is No Jazz in Utah

    No TV out here (we've got Knicks-Sixers), so I'm switching between ESPN Gamecast and this thread. There's a four minute flat line between Sam's alley oop and JT's free throws. Did the alley-oop knock the known universe out of whack? I know Sam has dunked before, but an alley-oop"?
  8. Dr Strangeglove

    1/5 - There is No Jazz in Utah

    I'm really sick of how much gambling is now shoved down our throat in general. This
  9. Dr Strangeglove

    Week 17: Alt Pats Keep On Winning Vs The Bills!

    Thís game thread is highly amusing. Don’t know if we can keep up the good humor for another two-plus hours.
  10. Dr Strangeglove

    Maye I Start Another? Pats! Steelers! Thursday!

    For me it's the Jets and Raiders. I'm still ticked about the Ben Dreith Game, though the Tuck Rule Game went a long way toward assuaging that sentiment. Our team sucks this year, but I still can't root for a loss.
  11. Dr Strangeglove

    2023-2024 General NBA Season Thread

    This Phoenix court is absolutely the ugliest playing surface I have ever seen in my 76 years, including the early 60’s Rhode Island Auditorium.
  12. Dr Strangeglove

    Week 6 - Pats @ Raiders

    "But the ascent to heaven occurred vs. the Raiders franchise 21 3/4 years ago. " Indeed, the infamous Tuck Rule game for me cancelled out the infamous Ben Dreith Game. The former was a case of good call, bad rule. The latter was bad call, good rule.
  13. Dr Strangeglove

    Embarrassment of Riches Pats Fan Question: Your Favorite Pats SB?

    Pats fan since 1970 here. It will always be 36, for the reasons 54th MA cites above. Right up there with the 04 WS.
  14. Dr Strangeglove

    5/25 - Walking Dead

    This. I am happy to have been wrong in my prediction following that awful game 3 performance. Let the season continue, with the team showing the same energy as in Game 4.
  15. Dr Strangeglove

    5/21, Game 3 @Miami

    I'm a life-long (7 decades) Boston/New England sports fan now transplanted six time zones west of the Garden. I don't post much, preferring to follow the observations of the smart people on this site (and there are a lot of them) and compare them to what I see on the screen. This truly...
  16. Dr Strangeglove

    In-season NBA news thread

    Shades of M.C. Hammer
  17. Dr Strangeglove

    2023 NBA Playoffs

    That seems about right, especially the first.