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  1. Foxy42

    Round 1 Bruins-Leafs

    Rotation. Swayman game one. Rotate through game 4 and make a hot hand call if needed after that.
  2. Foxy42

    Round 1 Bruins-Leafs

    Hopefully the last two games are a case of the team letting off the gas a bit and staying healthy. All playoff series are hard, but outside of Philly, I like the Leafs matchup much more than Lightning. The high octane top lines of Toronto will be a lot to content with, but we are better having...
  3. Foxy42

    23-24 Bruins Season Thread

    Is there any early things that hint when B’s home game 1 will be / can’t be? Edit: looks like sat and mon for games 1 and 2 per Ty Anderson
  4. Foxy42

    2023-2024 Women’s College Basketball

    Wow. That was as bogus a call as I can recall in any Final Four game. Bag job to get Clark into final. Disgusting.
  5. Foxy42

    3/28 - @ Hawks

    FFS will these guys ever change
  6. Foxy42

    Let’s Talk Pasta

    My son and three of his peewee buddies got mullets pre their state tourney games at the same barber shop Pasta goes to. They were loving life that morning, future photo shaming be damned.
  7. Foxy42

    Let’s Talk Pasta

    Pasta resonates with youth players in the area more than I’ve seen any Bruin in a long time. Having a player with flair and personality to match top end skills is rare. McDavid is obviously on a plain of his own skill wise, but his personality of ice is nonexistent.
  8. Foxy42

    3/5: More of that Northern Touch

    Brutal call. McDavid off balance and no penalty. BS
  9. Foxy42

    2/8 B’s v Canucks- Muck with the Canucks 7:00pm

    I have go stop doubting this team. After T, I thought a losing streak was brewing.
  10. Foxy42

    2/6 - Bruins vs Flames 7PM

    Are you kidding. Thats some Mite shit right there. Idiotic
  11. Foxy42

    NHL All Star Weekend

    I had $100 at +550 on pasta in the one timer competition. WTF!
  12. Foxy42

    1/25 Bruins @ Senators — Time for a Slumpbusting Filibuster!

    I bet $200 on B’s -1.5 and +170 odds. Just bought out the bet at a $50 cost. Not looking good.
  13. Foxy42

    1/20 - Bruins vs Habs - F the Habs!

    Crowd was in a lathered up Saturday form. Really fun night at the garden
  14. Foxy42

    1/18 - Bruins vs Avs

    Fortunate enough to have gone Monday and tonight. This team is coming together. Lot of fun to watch.
  15. Foxy42

    2023-24 Bruins ticket thread

    Looking for one ticket for Thursday (1/18) vs CO. Anywhere in lower bowl (club, loge end, loge center, whatever).
  16. Foxy42

    1/15 - Devils @ Bruins

    More matinees please
  17. Foxy42

    1/15 - Devils @ Bruins

    O FFS
  18. Foxy42

    23-24 Bruins Season Thread

    Hope Sway isn’t holding too big of a grudge come contract negations: When asked about being named an All-Star, Jeremy Swayman brought up his arbitration case as part of his answer: "After dealing with what I did this summer with arbitration, hearing things that a player should never hear, it...