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  1. Sox of Red

    How the Red Sox became ‘The Idiots’: Manny, Pedro, Millar and the most fun clubhouse ever Just came across this and don't see it linked here
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    4G Android phone megathread

    As I wrote above, I ordered a Nexus 5x and ordered a Verus case for it.   Long story short: they sent a case for the 6P, they're sending me the correct one for the 5x, and they don't want the 6P version back. If anyone has ordered the 6P and wants a spare case, give a yell. I'd rather not throw...
  3. Sox of Red

    4G Android phone megathread

    I'm on day 2 with the Nexus 5x. It took me forever to move everything over from my Nexus 4 and I was having serious doubts about my choice, but all is calm now.   I've had no significant issues so far and the only lag I see is when I'm deleting emails.
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    Black Friday Deals

    I can verify the $10 cap - I've had a graphic design box set by Phaidon on my wish list for quite a while because of the cost. $10 cap, dammit.
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    The ads do indeed say with all Extra Innings subscriptions. No asterisk - yet Comcast won't honor this. isn't an option for me on most days but I sure would like to have the option especially since that's what the commercial says over and over and over again.
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    Office for Mac 2008

    The only other link I found was this:   It's 123MB, so that's promising.   As a last resort you could buy the old discs for $70 on Amazon (expensive mistake!)
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    Office for Mac 2008

    This looks like it's still a live download:
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    Transferring music from iPad to Macbook

    I've used Senuti many times:   It used to be shareware but now has a 30 day free trial.