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  1. gammoseditor

    5/21 - ECF G1 vs. IND - Redemption on the Parquet

    No foul on Jaylen. Now our challenge is gone and we had a fast break taken away. All in the first minute.
  2. gammoseditor

    Denver Nuggets (2) vs Minnesota Timberwolves (3) - 2024 WC Second Round

    Looking forward to Bill Simmons defiantly stating this isn’t a black mark against Jokic in any way as he’s been comparing him to Tim Duncan.
  3. gammoseditor

    New York Knicks (2) vs Indiana Pacers (6) - 2024 EC Second Round

    He’s just trying to distract Frank Costanza.
  4. gammoseditor

    NFL Schedule Release 2024

    We’re on to Cincinnati.
  5. gammoseditor

    5/15 - G5 vs. CLE - Gentleman's Sweep

    Really weak tech for a playoff game.
  6. gammoseditor

    Denver Nuggets (2) vs Minnesota Timberwolves (3) - 2024 WC Second Round

    I thought he would be suspended for sure. Credit to all the SOSHers that got it right.
  7. gammoseditor

    5/7: ECSF Game 1: Cavs@Celtics

    We might be better off with Kornet getting more minutes.
  8. gammoseditor

    5/1: Game 5@Boston

    Jaylen should no longer be allowed to advance the ball
  9. gammoseditor

    4/29: Game 4@Miami

    From post #905 it really didn’t seem like you did but happy to move on. At least Tatum avoided any kind of injury.
  10. gammoseditor

    4/29: Game 4@Miami

    No. I’m saying if they undercut a shooter they deserve a flagrant.
  11. gammoseditor

    4/29: Game 4@Miami

    And he was told to never do it again.
  12. gammoseditor

    4/29: Game 4@Miami

    So every after whistle shot defenders should be allowed to stick their feet in the shooters landing spot? Fucking insane.
  13. gammoseditor

    4/29: Game 4@Miami

    Meanwhile, Miami is in the bonus and have only two team fouls.
  14. gammoseditor

    4/29: Game 4@Miami

    Playoff Jaylen showed up.
  15. gammoseditor

    4/27: Game 3@Miami

    Might as well hit Porzingis with a steel chair. It won’t be a foul.
  16. gammoseditor

    April 24. 2024 Beat the Heat

    KOC picked Philly, Orlando, Phoenix, Dallas, and Indiana in the first round. He can make all the predictions against the C’s he wants.