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  1. samuelLsamson

    Vote how bad a decision did Butler make by shooting?

    Given his skillset, it's still astounding he didn't attack the rim and try to get the and-one, but he's been on a hot streak from 3-point range lately, and maybe Al got in his head a bit. Great time to regress to the mean
  2. samuelLsamson

    Celtics vs. Bucks, Round 2 Discussion

    Our own Greek God of Walks beat them to it upthread.
  3. samuelLsamson

    Renaming NBA Franchises

    Well if we're venturing into MLB teams, I'd enjoy a straight swap that creates the Miami Rockies and the Colorado Marlins.
  4. samuelLsamson

    Romeo Langford - Pick #14

    So Ben Pfeifer in this piece mentions that Langford's "cutting instincts are sharp" but he has a "severe lack of first-step quickness". K O'C in the ringer piece linked above says Langford "has a quick first step" but "he’s not an aware cutter". Can anyone who has watched him play a fair bit...
  5. samuelLsamson

    Kyrie Irving: Hardwood Magician

    This deserved more love (handles)
  6. samuelLsamson

    LeBron to LA

    That's what I meant by "and some would argue there are other parallels with Ronaldo".
  7. samuelLsamson

    Kyrie Irving: Hardwood Magician

    I think the term has moved from meaning handle: "a player's ability to handle the ball" to handle: "a specific instance of handling the ball well". So where I would use the former and talk about Kyrie having a good handle, these young whippersnappers talk about his "good handles".
  8. samuelLsamson

    LeBron to LA

    For me Ronaldo is deeply unlikeable, because despite being a generational talent he flops and whines and sulks when he doesn't get his way. LeBron is brilliant - and some would argue there are other parallels with Ronaldo. Personally I like LeBron and can't stand Ronaldo, but I like a lot of...
  9. samuelLsamson

    Kyrie Irving: Hardwood Magician

    One player only has one handle. Multiple players can have "handles".
  10. samuelLsamson

    R-Dub: Time Lord, Tantalizing Sleeper, or Just a Late Flier?

    The military personnel one is nicely timed for this week's patriotic holiday, so I'm buying it.
  11. samuelLsamson

    R-Dub: Time Lord, Tantalizing Sleeper, or Just a Late Flier?

    "Robert Williams - tantalizing sleeper or just a late flier?" Has anyone yet outlined the circumstances around missing the flight?
  12. samuelLsamson

    ITP Equivalent for Hoops

    Definitely an interesting idea, though I don't claim to be one of those ultra-knowledgeable basketball aficionados.
  13. samuelLsamson

    Hanley DFA'd (5/25 Update)

    I'm wondering if this is disallowed by the rules governing MLB incentives - it would make some sense that if it's not allowed to structure bonuses to take into account statistical achievement that teams are also prohibited from building in "punitive" contractual terms that are based on...
  14. samuelLsamson

    Could we be in for a Record Season?

    Once Pedroia is back, the big concern then switches to whether Eduardo Nunez is a reliable and rangy affectuator. I have my doubts.
  15. samuelLsamson

    Red Sox and Yankees pushing for London matchup

    Well there are two considerations here: how good the country's domestic league is currently and how much interest there is in the MLB. Certainly UK domestic baseball is played at an inferior level to several European countries, but I'd say there is a significant level of interest in MLB (and MLB...
  16. samuelLsamson

    Mike Hazen new ARZ GM, Amiel Sawdaye New ARZ senior VP and assistant GM

    Well Gammons appears confident he is.
  17. samuelLsamson

    October 27, 2004: Where were you/Best Memory?

    I was the studio producer for BBC national radio's coverage of the 2004 World Series. This is less glamorous than it sounds, as it meant being back in London in a studio coordinating the programme and getting it on air, rather than being at the ballpark. That said, it was a pretty sweet thing to...
  18. samuelLsamson

    I didn't know you personally but I'll miss your posts.

    I didn't know you personally but I'll miss your posts.