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    Henry & Bloom booed at Winter Weekend

    What I thought was very interesting was Bloom went into how Mookie didnt make sense to sign because of where the team was at and the timeline of young players coming didnt match up. All we have really heard is they tried to sign Mookie, they really wanted to keep him but he didnt want to be in...
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    Red Sox sign Masataka Yoshida

    Can we stop with this. It was perfectly legitimate to question their recent spending habits.
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    Level of Confidence in Direction of the Patriots Franchise

    The question in this thread was about my confidence level. It’s not high. I’ve lost faith. It’s not about what moves they could have made to be in better spot. After cap jail they spent the most money in free agency ever in 2021, with predictably very mixed results. Yes the nfl is hard but Lets...
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    Level of Confidence in Direction of the Patriots Franchise

    Coach for life is way too far for me. Bill obviously should get a longer leash because of track record. However, at some point this is about results. The results have not been good. Brady has been gone now for what is now in its 3rd season and the long term outlook for the team doesn’t feel much...
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    Level of Confidence in Direction of the Patriots Franchise

    How much extra time does that “earned” leash get? 5 more years? Coach for life?
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    Level of Confidence in Direction of the Patriots Franchise

    Any other coach who loses on national TV to a horrible team at home and can’t figure out the QB position in 3 seasons doesn’t last much longer. I was always a big Bill guy and I was team Mac but I no longer have faith.
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    Kike Extended

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    Expectations for the 2022 Pats

    Hearing and reading all the reports from camp and now watching the way it looked last night I’m not sure how you can’t be alarmed. The more you look at it the more it seems they are setting Mac up to fail. New OC (or whatever they have), a shaky oline and a lack of elite playmakers is a...
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    Eck is done in the NESN booth after the season

    has he listened to Tony Mazz for the last 15 years?
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    Patriots trade for DeVante Parker

    I like taking the chance on Parker but they still need to take a shot on a Day 1 or 2 WR.
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    Russell Wilson traded to Denver

    I know Fangio had his flaws but I think they would have been better off keeping him while getting an established QB like Wilson. His defenses seemed to give KC and LA some issues at times.
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    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Am I wrong in thinking the only reason the corner bit on the double move was because Mac did stare him down and pumped it to him?
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    Week 15 NFL Gamethread

    I will never understand how a punter can’t even attempt field goals in a emergency
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    The NFL and supporting US armed forces

    Maybe I don’t know all the details or I’m naive to something but the proceeds go to Military charity organizations…how is that a “money grab” or “bullshit”?
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    Ken Rosenthal's stupid idea

    I don’t totally agree with Rosenthal but I definitely agree with the premise that baseball is better with good starting pitching going deep into the game. I’m not against openers or the “nerds” but I don’t like how this is how every team seems to be going. The game was better (more entertaining...
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    Golf equipment, WITB

    Any recommendations of clubs for someone just starting to play?
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    Pats trade for OL Trent Brown

    I think thats the the way to go. Personally Id do my best to get Jimmy G, build your offense with established Free Agents and draft defense.
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    Pats Roster Planning: Defense

    Hes not credible at all but there are reports the Pats were deep in Diggs trade talks "Sources say that when the Minnesota Vikings were poised to deal star receiver Stefon Diggs on March 16 in a blockbuster trade that included a first-round pick, it was the Bills and New England Patriots as the...
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    Pats QB Options

    huh? If you are the Texans you say “(insert team) or we aren’t trading you”. That’s if they are even open to trading him. what’s he going to do play poorly intentionally? I don’t see it. If you give him a good coach and supporting cast he will be happy to stay.
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    RedSox have been in serious trade talks with multiple teams about OF Andrew Benintendi