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  1. TheDeuce222

    Mitchell,McConkey and Coleman-the BPA thread

    Adonai by a factor of five. He's what we need. If he goes to Buffalo, I would either take McKinstry or DeJean or preferably trade down and collect picks next year or in the third. I think there's a ton of WR value later and good tackle value in the third. Something like Malachi Corley...
  2. TheDeuce222

    2024 Draft Binkies

    Said no one ever. Until now!!
  3. TheDeuce222

    2024 Draft Binkies

    TWo more bonus binkies I forgot: Brian Thomas Jr., Lousiana State Chop Robinson, Edge, Penn State
  4. TheDeuce222

    Happy Maye Day

    He's going to be a stud. Can't wait.
  5. TheDeuce222

    2024 Draft Binkies

    Thanks! Cross-posted there.
  6. TheDeuce222

    Turning the page: the 2024 draft contest!

    1. Drake Maye, Quarterback, North Carolina 2. Caleb Williams, Quarterback, Southern Cal 3. Jayden Daniels, Quarterback, Louisiana State 4. Michael Penix, Quarterback, Washington 5. Marvin Harrison Jr., Wide Receiver, Ohio State 6. Malik Nabers, Wide Receiver, Louisiana State 7. Rome Odunze, Wide...
  7. TheDeuce222

    2024 Draft Binkies

    Are we not doing the draft contest this year? I have always loved picking 20 guys that Belichick completely ignores... Anyways, here are my guys. Other than Maye, none are predictions, just guys I love and would be stoked to get. 1. Drake Maye, Quarterback, North Carolina 2. Caleb Williams...
  8. TheDeuce222

    2024 Predictions

    Highest BA: Masataka Yoshida Highest OBP: Rafael Devers Most HR: Rafael Devers Most RBI: Rafael Devers Most Runs: Rafael Devers Most 2B: Rafael Devers Most SB: Jarren Duran Most K's: Jarren Duran Most BB's: Rafael Devers Highest OPS: Rafael Devers Biggest offensive surprise: Wilyer Abreu Biggest...
  9. TheDeuce222

    How long will Chaim last?

    Completely agree, but we've seen time and again that this ownership group hires a particular Head of Baseball Ops for a particular reason (i.e. Dombrowski to bring in high-priced talent and get them back to contention, Bloom to cut costs) but then acts in a reactionary fashion to scapegoat...
  10. TheDeuce222

    Sox acquire Eric Hosmer

    Does someone have a list of all the guys that are under contract or will need to be placed on the 40-man come November/December? I guess the impending free agents are also question marks obviously vis-a-vis whether they are signed. Related question - if someone gets a QO, but they haven't...
  11. TheDeuce222

    Let's Predict the 2022 Red Sox Season

    Wins: 95 - Win AL East -Team leader in Wins? Eovaldi -Team leader in Saves? Diekman -Team leader in ERA (qualifying)? Eovaldi -Team leader for Batting Average (qualifying)? Bogaerts -Team leader in HR? Story -Team leader in Steals? Story -Team leader in HBP? Devers -Player who plays the...
  12. TheDeuce222

    Celtics trade Josh Richardson, Romeo Langford and a 1st round pick to Spurs for Derrick White

    He hasn't played yet... Richardson has also only played a very small handful of minutes in a few games. Seems clear a) that Pop really wants to figure out what he has in Vassell, Johnson, etc., and b) that they probably don't mind losing down the stretch this year...
  13. TheDeuce222

    RIP MikeF

    Thanks, SS. I had landed there this morning, but there are no posts older than 2014 within the 10 pages of results that come up, and it doesn't look like any spring training reports are on there. Mike may have stopped doing it before then. Regardless, I remember the reports fondly, and am so...
  14. TheDeuce222

    RIP MikeF

    Very sorry to hear of his loss - I too greatly admired MikeF's spring training posts and looked forward to reading them every day for many a February and March. Part of what truly made this board and community an incredible gem. I just tried to take a quick search to see if I could discover...
  15. TheDeuce222

    Celtics hire Ime Udoka as HC

    For all the reasons others have said, it's a grand slam home run. Can't wait to see Udoka put his stamp on the team.
  16. TheDeuce222

    New & Improved: The 2021 Pats Draft Contest!

    1. Lance, Trey, QB NDSU 2. Fields, Justin QB Ohio State 3. Mond, Kellen QB Texas A&M 4. Etienne, Travis RB Clemson 5. Williams, Javonte RB UNC 6. Carter, Michael RB UNC 7. Smith, Devonta WR Alabama 8. Bateman, Rashod WR Alabama 9. Collins, Zaven LB Tulsa 10. Rice, Monty LB Georgia 11. Newsome...
  17. TheDeuce222

    The 2020 Draft Contest! New and Improved (Again)

    Here is my annual dart throw: Hurts, Jalen, QB, Oklahoma Perkins, Bryce, QB, UVA Jefferson, Van, WR, Florida Reed, Joe, WR, UVA Duvernay, Devin, WR, Texas Kmet, Cole, TE, Notre Dame Moss, Thaddeus, TE, LSU Asiasi, Devin, TE, UCLA Williams, Darryl, IOL, Mississippi State Heck, Charlie, Tackle...
  18. TheDeuce222

    2019 Rockets: China Hates Us

    Don't disagree that the NBA's response has been very disappointing, but I think the Sterling affair was a pretty big test and Silver handled it brilliantly. This is a tough situation because you can be sure that the majority of owners at large are fearing huge economic consequences and putting...
  19. TheDeuce222

    2019 Pats: Roster Projection 2.0

    I think the Patriots August rosters over the last decade have often had at least 2 or 3 guys who were cut but then went on to become regular contributors elsewhere. Larsen is a good example. Darius Butler was cut in 2010 and later became a pretty nice player for the Colts (with a stop with the...
  20. TheDeuce222

    How many regular season games will the Celtics win in 2019-2020?

    Yes. For what it's worth, I think the Celtics are gonna win between 48 and 58 games. I'll say 56-26, with a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. I think they're gonna be good, and there's a good chance they make a move at the deadline for a big. But in the interim (and going forward for...