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    Wickersham book: "It's Better to Be Feared"

    Torn labrum and groin injury.
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    Pats offense: Ongoing discussion

    Fears talked about him this week. Guessing the improvements he's talking about include blocking and blitz pickup. “Most definitely,” Fears told reporters...
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    Wickersham book: "It's Better to Be Feared"

    "Hey, body-suit man, what's up?"
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    Pats offense: Ongoing discussion

    Thanks for posting. Makes you appreciate Hoyer a bit more and crap on him a bit less...
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    Pats: Roster Transactions Thread

    I wonder if they'll have any interest in K Jake Verity. Strong preseason with Ravens but couldn't upstage Tucker. He made it through waivers and signed with Ravens practice squad.
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    Pats Preseason: Offense Edition

    Not sure if anyone posted this yet but Louis Riddick loves Stevenson.
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    2021 NHL Entry Draft

    Promising draft prospect report on Harrison - "What makes Harrison so intriguing as a prospect is that he has all the tools to be an impact player in the NHL—if he is able...
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    Pats QB Options

    Plus they lost their own 3rd rounder which hurts even more now that they're going to have a higher pick than they usually do...
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom club

    I would be onboard with this if it weren't for AB. I can't bring myself to root for TB with AB (or for KC with Hill, for that matter).
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    AB Watch II: Quarantonio Brown

    Have there been any white Bronco sightings yet?
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    2019 Cowboys: And Now for Something Completely Different...

    McDaniels' name has been floated around, too.
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    2019 NFL: News & Transactions

    A quick Google search gave me this article: The Buffalo Bills may be fed up with Stephen Hauschka’s missed field goals. On Wednesday, NFL Network’s...
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    Texans Pre-Game Thread: Billy O vs. Bill B

    Maybe from the Cowboys... flu bug went through their locker room prior to the game.
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    2019 Pats: OL Discussion

    No, I agree with you. I was actually looking for information on a potential injury when I came across that article. It doesn't pass the eye test so I was equally surprised.
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    2019 Pats: OL Discussion

    This article is from before the Dallas game - 9) Shaq Mason After a shaky start to the season, veteran right guard Shaq Mason has positioned himself once again as one of the top offensive guards in the NFL. His 73.0...
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    2019 Pats: WR "Bust a Move" Sanu Watch

    That's fantastic. They have 12 picks and only two of them are their own. View:
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    Pats File Tampering Charges Against Texans

    La Canfora reporting that Caserio is likely headed to Texans after this season -
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    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    Wasn't Rowe originally expected to be the starter opposite Gilmore? They got lucky with J.C. Jackson's emergence (and to a certain degree that of Keion Crossen).
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    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    The Pats calling trying to trade for him is different than the Packers listening to offers for him, no?
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    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    He did have torn ligaments in each knee for the second one...