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  1. yaykob

    Kyrie has lost 13 straight to the Cs and we have schadenfreude!!!
  2. yaykob

    2023 Pats: Offseason

    Patriots reportedly expected to sign OT Riley Reiff
  3. yaykob

    Best Celtics never to win a ring in Boston

    Should Dee Brown be somewhere on this list? He was never really great but he was a bright spot on some of those awful early 90's celtics teams...
  4. yaykob

    Build an All-Star team with just your initials

    Here's the best I can come up with C - Jarrod Saltalamacchia? 1B - Justin Smoak 2B - Jonathan Schoop SS - Jean Segura 3B - Joe Sewell LF - Juan Soto CF - Jigger Statz RF - Jorge Soler DH - J.T. Snow SP - John Smoltz P - Johan Santana P - Jason Schmidt RP - Joakim Soria RP - Jeff Shaw
  5. yaykob

    Euro Quarterfinals Game Thread

    Done in by the deflection. Damn it!
  6. yaykob

    Euro Quarterfinals Game Thread

    I hope Poland don't get lackadaisical with their 1-0 lead. They need to keep pressing to win this game.
  7. yaykob

    Euro 16 gamethread

    :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: YES!!!!
  8. yaykob

    Euro 16 gamethread

    Ugh... what a beautiful goal. This sucks...
  9. yaykob

    Euro 16 gamethread

    You would shout "Lewy! Odpuść Blaszczykowskiemu!"
  10. yaykob

    Euro 16 gamethread

    Nawalka is the kind of tatctical game manager that the Polish team has been missing all these years. I feel better about their chances every day.
  11. yaykob

    Euro 16 gamethread

    and my country answers my call :banana:
  12. yaykob

    Euro 16 gamethread

    Last time these two teams met (Friendly in 2014) it ended in a 2-2 draw. Looking for Poland to pull this one out.
  13. yaykob

    2014 NBA Draft Thread (No Spoilers You Clowns)

    How did the Knicks end up with the Celtics 2nd rounder?
  14. yaykob

    Hot Stove Rumors - The Fenway Edition

    Per Steve Silva: Ben Cherington told me today that the team is "close to getting a first baseman that most people will recognize" ( )   Does this signal a Carp trade or is this just a delayed reaction to Napoli?