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    The Rat Gets the Cheese: Marchand Named Captain

    I think it'll be Chuckie. In my view, he can further improve his game and being C will encourage that growth across the board, on-ice and leadership both on and off. It feels as though it fits...
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    POLL: Skiers of SoSH Locations

    Indeed…& for mum & dad, we’ve been all over watching & cheering…me loudly
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    POLL: Skiers of SoSH Locations

    Enrolled as an alpiner, but is small & blessed with a huge engine, so she switched to xc when BMA hired current USST xc head coach.
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    POLL: Skiers of SoSH Locations

    Boston Hill takes me a very young skier, I remember most strongly this illusionary feeling that if I weren't careful, I'd end up on Rte. 114 squashed by a car or truck...:unsure:
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    POLL: Skiers of SoSH Locations

    I'm a VTer & have skied Burke for over 40 years, kids raced for BMA junior program & daughter (3 Olympics) is an alumna. Simply a great mountain if you don't need bells and whistles. Inexpensive, uncrowded (weekdays can be lonely...) & a tad "skiing as it used to be". We've skied all over...
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    Bruins sign Mitchell Miller to an ELC - now "parting ways"

    Hate to sound like an old guy, but back in the day executives, managers, government ministers and Secretaries, and others in positions of authority, often fell on their own sword, taking responsibility for major errors, whether of their own or of underlings, and resigned, feeling that such an...
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    Steep Couloirs and Flatspin 360s - Skiing and Boarding 22-23

    I'm in PC right now. We got 5" in Pinebrook and close to 20" up higher. Looks/feels like winter, albeit with a springtime sun. I, too, am looking forward to a snowier winter in Burke & the northeast generally. However, after a perfect biking year, and the best foliage season I can recall, I...
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    After Babe Ruth ... who?

    For me, it is easily Damon. Especially because, in the aftermath, he has been, quite appropriately, lost to RSN and because he went from being a leading Idiot to being a colorless cog in the machine.
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    Trade deadline

    For us older guys, Joey Gallo always belonged in NY...suggest he try the seafood at Umberto's Clam house.
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    All-Overachievers Team

    To me, "Overachiever" in the dictionary should have pictures of both Troy O'Leary and Brian Daubach...guys that came utterly from nowhere to become very valuable regulars for the Sox.
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    RIP Johnny Pierson

    As with several of you guys, I was a Channel 38, with Fred & Johnny, kid. It was a magical time for the B's - as stated everyone connected to the team was absolutely loved. The thing I remember most about Johnny was his remarkable ability to see and call the tiniest tip or the puck just...