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  1. shepard50

    6/14 - Finals Game 4 @ DAL – Only Championship Banners

    We got this. The shots will start to drop. The defense will ratchet up. The Mavs will cool off and get exhausted and we will win this game. We have seen this show before.
  2. shepard50

    Jayson Tatum's Rise to the Top

    That was amazing. I was sure that he had 100% lost the handle. It looked like an optical illiusion.Unreal.
  3. shepard50

    How do you feel about the past 20 years of John Henry and Tom Werner owning the team?

    I'm pretty happy with the outstanding results thanks. I'm feeling pretty good about the future too. These middling years are tough but, hey, you can't win every year. And I have extra love for the homegrown talent that is on the farm and on the MLB team now.,
  4. shepard50

    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    This made me laugh unreasonably. Thank you. Mazzulla in a pink pillbox hat for Game 1?
  5. shepard50

    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    Celtics in 7: Worries over Porzingis' health, JB fading in the finals, Luka goes next level...but, this Celtics team is the best team in the NBA.
  6. shepard50

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    Tim's mother did, in fact, pass away in April. What an unreal clustering of tragedy on that family.
  7. shepard50

    Game 6 - It was not Death, for I stood up

    Before the ice is in the pools— Before the skaters go, Or any check at nightfall Is tarnished by the snow— Before the fields have finished, Before the Christmas tree, Wonder upon wonder Will arrive to me! -e.d.
  8. shepard50

    4/15 Borel's Million Dalbecs

    1:05 AM game time in Sydney so... Win the game!
  9. shepard50

    4/13 Schrödinger's Fandom

    Imagine catching a Dalbec foul ball as a fan. IS that a keeper?
  10. shepard50

    4/13 Schrödinger's Fandom

    and...Dalbec 0 for his last 28. Yay.
  11. shepard50

    Wrexham? I hardly know him.

    High praise indeed. I am so glad for you! That's terrific.
  12. shepard50

    4/13 Schrödinger's Fandom again.,
  13. shepard50

    4/12 A-Holes In The Infield.....

    Perfect thread title
  14. shepard50

    sǝloᴉɹo ǝɹoɯᴉʇlɐq ǝɥʇ ʇɐǝq

  15. shepard50

    Flush It and Get Over It!

    What kind of sport is this?!
  16. shepard50

    Flush It and Get Over It!

    The Red Sox triumph, ITP's magic returns, Victory is sweet
  17. shepard50

    April 7. End of the West Coast Trip.

    Definitely laughed at that one. For posterity, the Woo Sox were no-hitting them at the time (8th).
  18. shepard50

    April 7. End of the West Coast Trip.

    They are doing unspeakable things to Syracuse and you can watch it for free (I think - I am international so YMMV)
  19. shepard50

    What is next for BB?

    I love veritasium. Honestly I have learned more on tha YouTube channel than anywhere else the last 5 years. So good.