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    Euro 2020, Baku to Bilbao to Budapest. Anyone going?

    There don't seem to be any Euro 2020 threads yet, even though qualification is well under way. I assume eventually there will be threads about the competition. I'm thinking about trying to go and wondering whether it makes sense for a ticket or travel thread. The first ticket sale phase is...
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    5/18 Astros

    I’m busy right now and can’t be thinking of starting a bunch of game threads this week, so I might as well just get this out of the way now since we have no chance at winning.
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    4/2 We Stink

    Rotten fish. Gym socks. Garbage pails you forgot to hose down. The inside of a cast after they take it off your arm that has been broken for six weeks. Overused litter box. The Bronx. We stink to high heaven. Get this one tonight. We need air freshener now. Chris Sale is our Fabreze.
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    The End of the Counting Stat?

    Sorry if there is a discussion of JD Martinez not being in the top 3 in MVP voting this year is embedded in another thread. It seems to me that it's a rather significant development. JDM had 51 more RBI than Trout. I think the idea that a player that far behind could be ahead in the MVP...
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    Where the power came from.

    I'm not sure this warrants its own thread. But I wasn't sure where else to put it. Going into the postseason there was little doubt that the Sox were close to a complete team, but the two concerns for me were the bullpen and the precipitous drop off in home runs. September was a rough month...
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    Unconventional Bullpen Usage

    So, for those who weren't watching the day game between the Rays and the Yankees today, Kevin Cash upped the ante on his unconventional bullpen usage. He's been using relievers in early innings at times this year, and he's also put pitchers in at position spots to keep them in the game, but...
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    Chasing Mariano Duncan

    June 19, 1994. It was, I imagine, a night like pretty much any other early summer night along the banks of the Flueve Saint-Laurent. As 15,092 happy fans filed into Stade Olympique, one imagines their happy thoughts. “Sacre bleu! We knew they would be good, but this good? Oh la la.” The...
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    What’s it all about, Rafi?

    Rafi’s gradual descent to replacement level has seemed inevitable for weeks, and now he’s there. He is lowest or close among qualified 3B in OPS and other hitting stats. Whether Nunez or something else, we can find replacement level third base or at least something close. If his value to the...
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    What Stats Explain the 2017 Boston Red Sox?

    In a game thread, or maybe somewhere else, I posted about the OPS disparity between the Red Sox and the good offensive teams in MLB. I posted a caveat to the effect that OPS is not the be all and end all of offensive prowess, but afterwards, I decided to take a look at home important...
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    When Do You Try a 50 yard+ Field Goal?

    The Patriots passed twice on long field goals yesterday -- they would have been 54 and 55 yard attempts. Both times, they opted instead for a punt. Net on one punt was 26 yards, so they gained 33-34 yards relative to opponents' starting field position if they had missed, and they gained 26...
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    Anyone Watching The Ocho Today?

    ESPNU is the Ocho today. It's awesome. I have it on at work in the background. Cornhole is on now. The championship. "Fantastic fourbagger."
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    Red new mail icon?

    There used to be an icon with my avatar at the top of the screen that had a red envelope when I had a new conversation or another alert, but it has disappeared. Is there some preference that I reset that made it go away?
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    ICC/Summer Exhibitions

    Sorry if this is not worth its own thread, but the ICC is getting off to a pretty cracking start with Galaxy v. Club America. The first half was end to end, high energy, with a few amazing bits of technical skill. After a week of clutch, grab, ankle kick of Gold Cup this game looks like they...
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    Some Stats From the Patriots' Super Bowls In the BB/TFB Era

    Here are a couple of interesting Super Bowl stats that are neither here nor there, but somewhat interesting.  This stuff interests me, but apologies if this doesn't deserve its own thread -- since there's an Edelman's Tinder Girl thread, I figured this one might be ok.   In the six Super Bowls...
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    Carroll's Call

    I thought, when he finally broke it down, Pete made a pretty good case for his decision. They had one time out. They want three chances to win the Super Bowl if they need all three of them. With one time out, you have two runs and one pass. If you run on second down and don't get it, you...
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    The Patriots Win the Toss and Defer to the Second Half

    I tried to do some research to back up a vague feeling I had about the Patriots’ seeming preference to receive the second half kick off.  Ultimately, I reached no conclusions, but thought I might as well post the data I gathered just in case it is useful to any other inquiry anyone might be...
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    Adopt a Team -- Uruguay

    Uruguay   This one is a bit difficult, because it is presently unclear whether Luis Suarez will be fit for the world cup.  This is rather important, but, hope springs eternal, so I’ve written this as though he will play.  (I don’t really follow the other adopt a team threads, so this is written...
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    Impact of Drew Deal on Payroll

    Cots has the Red Sox at $156.3m, all in. Drew brings it to $166.3m. Using the estimates that Speier had before the year of $4 million for depth call ups, $10.8m for benefits, and $1.2m for 40-man minor salaries, that...