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  1. koufax32

    Alex Rodriguez emerges as potential Mets buyer

    C’mon people. We cannot let a gold nugget like this go unappreciated. Fours hours and no love? This is why we need a like button or something around here. Can’t imagine it’s for that large of a stake, right? Would he be able to raise over $1bil. let alone 2+?
  2. koufax32

    2020 TB12: What Does 2020 Hold for 12?

    Until proven otherwise I will assume that TB is trolling the league, particularly the teams that think they stand a chance of landing him. It took all or most of them to gang up on NE to make sure Brady was punished for his crime of not being a deity capable of reversing the laws of physics...
  3. koufax32

    Betts/Price to LA for Alex Verdugo, Jeter Downs, and Connor Wong

    Does the inclusion of Beyoncé move the needle on this? Did well at AA as a 23 year old Catcher. Not a prototypical C body though. Blake Swihart 2.0?
  4. koufax32

    Who are you?

    Jason Williams on offense, Kobe on defense. Perfectly willing to risk a turnover for the awesome assist that makes the bench jump. Will knock down threes we’ll enough. Will get angry when an annoying opponent scores and says “okay, they’re done scoring” and then shut them down. I got to play...
  5. koufax32

    Liverpool 2019-2020: Let's Talk About Six, Baby

    We have three threads called “The Nation’s Tears.” This place has its black belt in petty. About to start a footie one called “Jose’s Tears” or something like that.
  6. koufax32

    Gameweek 1/29-2/2

    Which is why I’m confused by what they said post-match today. Earliest they can clinch is va. Everton? That’s five games from now. Seems they would need one more Citeh loss between now and then.
  7. koufax32

    Liverpool 2019-2020: Let's Talk About Six, Baby

    So some serious magic would need to occur for the dream scenario of raising the trophy at Goodison.
  8. koufax32

    Who was the most disliked Red Sox player acquisition ever? AT THE TIME OF ACQUISITION

    I had successfully moved on from my anger over Jim Leyritz until someone brought him up here. Such a tool. Every. Single. Thing. About him made me angry. Here was a literal, walking caricature of a MFY fan who still proclaimed his love for them, and now I’m supposed to want him to...
  9. koufax32

    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Haven’t seen any updates on his kids.
  10. koufax32

    2020 TB12: What Does 2020 Hold for 12?

    Guys, we’re screwed. Gary Tanguay says he’s a goner.
  11. koufax32

    Yoenis Cespedes injury caused by wild boar

    Huh, didn’t know about it and it’s five minutes from where we’re building our house. Do they have mustard based sauce? That’s the southern bbq litmus test. Also, what do you recommend? Ribs? Brisket?
  12. koufax32

    2020 Divisional Weekend Game Thread: Nevermore

    Since the Titans killed them tonight I’m going to assume BAL will build them a statue, right?
  13. koufax32

    2020 Divisional Weekend Game Thread: Nevermore

    well LJ has three turnovers today so...
  14. koufax32

    2020 Divisional Weekend Game Thread: Nevermore

    Love multiple punts going out of bounds in this situation. The extra few yards aren’t worth the risk.
  15. koufax32

    PL Gameweek 1/10-1/12

    This LFC offense is so fun to watch.
  16. koufax32

    Just in Case: Let’s Get Nostalgic About the Last 20 Years

    In the same vein as Butt Fumble, the Gronk TD in Indy and Throw Him Outta the Club were perfect. Two plays that begin and end the discussion of who the best TE ever was that happened against that joke of a franchise. In both instances I just laughed like watching peak Pedro just embarrassing...
  17. koufax32

    2020 WC Weekend Game Thread

    A GB at SF NFCCG would be a fun throwback. So would MIN at GB.