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  1. Big CPAPi

    4/18 - "Hall" Aboard!

    Anyway, leaving the thread now. I'm not here to shit on your game thread.
  2. Big CPAPi

    4/18 - "Hall" Aboard!

    No. He turned his skates to the side to stop his momentum and prepare for the hit. He absolutely did not "leave his feet" in the sense of launching himself into Kuraly.
  3. Big CPAPi

    4/18 - "Hall" Aboard!

    Good fucking god he did not fucking leave his fucking feet, unless you mean when Kuraly took his legs out sliding underneath him.
  4. Big CPAPi

    Here's his dad: Oddly, it says...

    Here's his dad: Oddly, it says he became director of admissions in 1998, but he was definitely involved in the admissions process in 1992/3 when I was applying to schools. It's possible he took a job in the admissions office when...
  5. Big CPAPi

    Mike Jones

    Mike Jones
  6. Big CPAPi

    DukeSox Likes Rick Reilly

    The look from Steve Young is priceless.