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    Top 10 Boston athletes

    Is this list in terms of popularity, talent, or production?
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    Bruins 24-25 Schedule

    I am also looking to take someone on to grab 5-7 games of mine this year. With two kids I’m not going to be getting to as many as usual, so if anyone is interested, drop me a PM.
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    2024 Bruins Off Season News - Everyone Else But the Center

    If Zadorov is able to play top minutes, the defense corps looks really solid. Up front, they’re still short a winger from what I’d like to see on a real contender, but it’s close. And getting a rebound from Lindholm and if both Lysell and Merkulov can stick, this team becomes really interesting...
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    USMNT Summer 2024: Beauty is in the Eye of the Berhalter

    Fun game but this ref is absolutely brutal. Has no business being at this level of competition. We also need to work everything through Reyna. He is playing a cut above anyone else on the field today.
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    Are the Pats the worst team in the NFL?

    I have no idea what to expect from this team. They’ve filled few of the holes on offense. They’re returning much of the same defense that was good. They’ve made some changes around the edges on ST. Anywhere between 1-8 wins seems possible depending on the competency of the coaching staff...
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    Ullmark to Ottawa

    Here’s what I don’t get about this. You decide to trade Ullmark because you think you have too many resources tied up at G. It’s not because you think he’s bad. So you move Ullmark and his $5M for a far worse goalie who still costs you 60% of that, but for 3 additional years. And for doing so...
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    New lease on the Rham: Patriots extend Rhamondre Stevenson

    I despise chewing up cap space on RBs. Last year was a little underwhelming for Rham, but it was such a mess on offense (and particularly the line) that I'm willing to say that it probably wasn't all his fault for his underperformance. But given the current distribution of RB contracts, I would...
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    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    They don't like each other. They wouldn't pass to each other.
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    6/12 - Finals Game 3 @ DAL – Five Wear Green

    Offense has given away a few possessions otherwise this is a 10-12 point lead here.
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    6/12 - Finals Game 3 @ DAL – Five Wear Green

    Nowhere near our best ball and down 1. Let’s get a 10 point lead by halftime.
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    6/9 - Finals Game B vs. DAL - 48 > 40

    Shot like crap and still made them quit early. Still haven’t brought our A-game for a full game.
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    6/9 - Finals Game B vs. DAL - 48 > 40

    Porzingis looked gimpy heading back upcourt there.
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    2024 Bruins Off Season News - Everyone Else But the Center

    I guess my view is that he was the 7th most valuable forward on a roster that was notably short on forward depth. While the 2023 roster was skewed in the opposite direction, I think he has trouble even cracking the game day roster. His true value is probably somewhere in the 9-11 range on a team...