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  1. Dogman

    Tom Brady is retired

    Brady was soft. Brady was afraid to take a hit. Brady lacked toughness. 5 seconds of thinking. Find a better way than the bolded.
  2. Dogman

    July 7, 2024 - Red Sox @ Yankees

    Yoshida is so bad.
  3. Dogman

    Post-Championship Media Thread

    Eh, that was 20 years ago. Sometimes it is difficult to remember shit from yesterday. That's why I've been using this tool for memory.
  4. Dogman

    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    Celtics are the far superior team, even with KP unlikely to be 100%. As mentioned, 5 scorers to 2, 5 solid defenders to 3. I agree with the strategy of hounding and stifling Kyrie. Keep him under 20 each game and the Celtics sweep. I am visiting Boston for 9 days beginning June 25. A...
  5. Dogman

    Game 5 - Do not go gentle into that good night.

    You look great tut-tutting from up on that wall, though.
  6. Dogman

    NFL Schedule Release 2024

    I wonder if that means Pats will play Thursday Oct. 10 and their bye week is Oct. 27.
  7. Dogman

    Game 5 - Do not go gentle into that good night.

    This explanation works for me.
  8. Dogman

    Misc. NFL Offseason News

    I think it is best that if there is discussion on what Butker said, they are taken to V&N. He may be a football player but there is nothing football related there. Anyone curious what the Chiefs kicker said at a commencement can google it.
  9. Dogman

    Game 5 - Do not go gentle into that good night.

    And there it is. Bullshit
  10. Dogman

    Game 5 - Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Not missed. They aren't going to call anything on Florida. Multiple high sticks, multiple interferences not called. Whistles blown for no reason.
  11. Dogman

    Round 2 Bruins-Panthers

    This is where I am at. They are going to get called for non-penalties, extremely weak penalties that only go against the Bruins, and the other team is going to keep getting away with cheap and dirty shit. They may as well earn the penalties and just go out and hit anything and everything as...
  12. Dogman

    Arif Hasan Q&A

    Absolutely no politics outside of V&N. None. Zip. Zilch. No leeway whatsoever on this. Please stick to Arif's Football expertise in this forum. Thanks.
  13. Dogman

    Game 2 - Seek and Destroy

    I want to see them hitting again like game 1. Horrible penalty call aside, Brown was at least throwing his body around. Put Boquivst at 3C and sit JVR. Swtich Pasta for Dubrusk and try and generate some opportunities.
  14. Dogman

    Evaluating the Front Office

    Arif is good to go and post at any time. This thread is full of good convo and thoughts. A logical starting point for discussion.
  15. Dogman

    Evaluating the Front Office

    Working on getting Arif's registration pushed through and we can get his thoughts and answer questions on the front office, Pats draft, valuations, reaches, steals, etc.
  16. Dogman

    Evaluating the Front Office

    @SMU_Sox Happy to help put something together.
  17. Dogman

    Are NFL Teams Taking More QBs Higher?

    He did say it was arbitrary but I completely agree, I do not think Baker is a miss especially given the inclusion of Watson and Murray on the hit list.
  18. Dogman

    Round 2 Bruins-Panthers

    Aside from the penalty he took, he was also there for checking and bodying guys. Clearly, Monty wants them hitting much more and with the number of hits last night, it is working to slow Florida down from any of their forecheck sets and odd man rushes. I have no problem with getting the puck...
  19. Dogman

    Game 1 - The Payback

    My bad. Sorry you missed my post. I feel shame. Like Napkin does!!!!!! !
  20. Dogman

    Game 1 - The Payback