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  1. cutman1000

    recovering a hacked facebook account

    Thanks. I ended up reaching out to a high school friend who works for Meta. He took care of it.
  2. cutman1000

    2024 Tennis

    I take care of Emma’s dogs. Did the health certificates for them last week so that they could go to the UK for Wimbledon. They are a nice family.
  3. cutman1000

    recovering a hacked facebook account

    Bump of an old thread. My brother in law had his Facebook account stolen a few days ago - anyone ever figure out what to do?
  4. cutman1000

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I switched to Youtube TV recently and am going to miss MLB Network now that baseball season has started. I haven’t watched Sportscenter in years and don’t intend to start again. What’s the best way to watch MLB highlights?
  5. cutman1000

    End of an Era: Bill Belichick and Patriots to part ways

    This is really sad. The end of an era that brought so much joy to my family.
  6. cutman1000

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    So sad. He left a wonderful legacy. My dad was diagnosed with brain cancer on May 4 and died on July 13. Awful disease.
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    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    I need to get two tvs for my office - a 50” model and a 55” model. Don’t need anything fancy but also don’t want anything that is a piece of crap. Would like to spend less than $1000 total if possible. Any suggestions? I’ve looked at Costco and on Amazon and every option I find has shitty...
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    Judge’s March To 62 Homers

    Why are teams pitching to him if the rest of the lineup sucks so bad?
  9. cutman1000

    Watson to Cleveland

    Why does last year not count as part of the suspension? Did he get paid to sit out? The guy is a scumbag and I don’t care if he ever plays again, but it seems disingenuous to say it’s only a 6 game suspension when he already sat out a whole season.
  10. cutman1000

    Super Bowl LVI: Bengals vs Rams

    I think it was a “meh” Super Bowl for Pats fans because we had zero investment in it whatsoever. No rivals, no Pats, no Brady - when was the last time we had that? I was cheering for the Bengals but not sad when they lost. We must remember, however, that most people felt the same way when the...
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    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    Thanks. Do you think it makes sense to get the 1080p version? TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV - 32S327, 2019 Model View:
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    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    Don’t think this is worth starting a new thread, so I’ll post this here. I’m looking for a small, Roku-enabled tv. 24” to 32” would be fine as it’s sitting on a wall in front of the bed in our spare room. I like the idea of Roku because I can use it as an extra box for my Comcast service. My...
  13. cutman1000

    ReVax! Aaron Rodgers caught the Covid!

    Why do y’all continue to be surprised and outraged by Covid protocol violations by athletes? Who gives a fuck what Aaron Rodgers thinks, says, or does regarding Covid? He’s not a smart person. After the Dodgers won the World Series and that player who tested positive ran on the field, SoSH...
  14. cutman1000

    ESPN Is Pathetic

    What SAS said was so stupid because so many baseball stars speak Spanish as their first language and require a translator for English interviews. The take home message is SAS is an idiot blowhard who has always been an idiot blowhard and will always be an idiot blowhard. F him.
  15. cutman1000

    NFL Draft Rd.1: Discussion, Rumors, Rumblings, Spoilers Gamethread

    I’m not sure if Denver is a good fit for Fields with him having epilepsy. I think high altitude makes epileptics more likely to have seizures.
  16. cutman1000

    That was then: Celebrating what was

    The Jets loss bothers me the most (besides 2007). I don’t think I’ve ever told this story, so here goes. I was in NYC at the time with my girlfriend from New Zealand. We had just graduated from vet school and were enjoying time together before she started an internship and I started a new job...
  17. cutman1000

    Alert for power outage

    These are great suggestions. Thank you all. A little more detail on my situation: My vet clinic has 3 phase power - A, B, and C. For whatever reason (power company has been notified), the B phase goes out some times. Our big fridge is not usually affected, but our vaccine fridge goes out if B...
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    Alert for power outage

    That was where my googling lead me. It was too complicated for a dummy like me to figure out, but thanks for the suggestion.
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    Alert for power outage

    Th This looks perfect! Thank you.