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  1. PedroisGod

    April 9, home opener

    I'm in tears at work.
  2. PedroisGod

    2004 WS Celebration

    This is making me insanely happy, but it's also hitting me how long ago this was. I was 17 in 04 and I still remember it like yesterday. I've got two kids now and nobody who played in 2004 still plays and they haven't for some time. I can't believe how quickly the time goes by. Sometimes you see...
  3. PedroisGod

    23-24 General CBB Thread

    Because he was running down the court and bracing for Filipowski to stand up right in front of him? Why did FIlipowski lift up his leg to trip him?
  4. PedroisGod

    23-24 General CBB Thread

    That was quite possibly the angriest I've ever been during a wire to wire win. 1) The trip was right in front of TV Teddy and no call, not even a review. 2) Flip picked up fouls 5 and 6 on the Davis drive and not one was called. He could have shot somebody on 5th Avenue and they wouldn't have...
  5. PedroisGod

    Lucas Giolito has an elbow issue.

    This sucks. They needed pitching to begin with, and then lost Sale and Paxton and now essentially replaced them with nobody. If there's any silver lining to this, at least it's early enough in this season so that when he does opt in for 2025, he should be available for a good portion of the...
  6. PedroisGod

    Offseason rumors

    I agree with this. Others being cheap doesn't mean FSG isn't being cheap, but if people think they can start rooting for some other team as a form of protest, they're going to find that these owners are all just varying degrees of cheap.
  7. PedroisGod

    Offseason rumors

    In the early 2010s when I was mad at Red Sox ownership, I started following the Pirates. I visited Pittsburgh often as a kid and always had a soft spot for the Pirates. I can tell you that any time you're mad about Henry and FSG, it could absolutely be worse. There is nobody worse than Bob Nutting.
  8. PedroisGod

    What if you could change one thing - Red Sox edition

    I know it probably ended up being the right decision, but I wish they would have extended Pedro after 2004 and that he never wore another team's uniform.
  9. PedroisGod

    23-24 General CBB Thread

    With Washington, he's able to go to Trimble, JW, and Withers, so going 8 deep this late in the year isn't too bad. I never really expected much out of Okonkwo or Wojcik, so I'm not sure I'd consider them misses. The stall ball late in games is definitely a problem. They almost blew the game in...
  10. PedroisGod

    23-24 General CBB Thread

    They absolutely pissed their pants down the stretch. There are far too many late game collapses with this team. It's a legitimate concern at this point.
  11. PedroisGod

    Question for Duke/UNC fans: Who's your 2nd least favorite/most hated ACC team?

    As a big Carolina fan, I can say that my hatred for Duke is based on a healthy sporting rivalry. Duke has had a ton of success and are a worthy rival. I still hate them and Coach K with every fibre of my being, but I respect the success their program has had. I consider NC State to be far more...
  12. PedroisGod

    The Special Ones (manager talk)

    You bring up a good point that I hadn't considered. As somebody who is obviously familiar with FSG's frugality, I thought there was no way they would win a bidding war with Bayern for Xabi. I still do think that. But I didn't consider that their hands off approach would give Xabi freedom that...
  13. PedroisGod

    The Special Ones (manager talk)

    That's exactly what it was. Hansi Flick was really the only interim option and apparently he's not interested in only managing until the summer, and there are some like Uli Hoeneß who aren't convinced of Flick anyways. I don't see there being any way that Xabi stays at Leverkusen. Apparently he...
  14. PedroisGod

    Best time to visit?

    Thank you for this thread. I'm going to be there this summer with my kids (will be 7 and 5). I've been many times before, but never with kids. There are some awesome suggestions.
  15. PedroisGod

    Offseason rumors

    If the Padres would move Kim after the Korea series and are interested in Duran, I wonder if there's a three way deal to be made with the Marlins who seem to be after a shortstop. I'd think the Marlins would need more than Kim - who is a FA after this season - for Luzardo, but it could be a good...
  16. PedroisGod

    Yeah, but who's in 2nd? The ongoing Bundesliga thread

    I'm a Bayern fan. That's how I had been approaching things before the game against Leverkusen. Of the last ten seasons, 50 points through 20 matchdays was tied for Bayern's second highest point total, and was 6th all-time in the Bundesliga. My only disappointment so far had been the Pokal loss...
  17. PedroisGod

    Red Sox to be 1st MLB featured on Netflix series

    I can't wait for the 04 documentary. It is a lock that it'll make me cry at some point.
  18. PedroisGod

    Offseason rumors

    Wonderful. On a day that I have a ton to do at work...
  19. PedroisGod

    Let's Lay Off That Throttle

    I agree with this. That is where Montgomery's value lies. The question, I think, is whether the front office considers that a worthy enough consideration to spend $25-30M on for the 2024 Red Sox. The 2024 Red Sox definitely have a need for that kind of guy, but will the 2025 and 2026 Red Sox if...
  20. PedroisGod

    Offseason rumors

    Yeah, a couple of years ago Rafaela would have been a need, as I know the Marlins were having issues finding a centerfielder, but they seem pretty set there with Jazz at CF. I don't think moving Chisholm back to 2B would be a consideration with Arraez there.