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    2024 UEFA Men’s European Championship

    Ronaldo has turned invisible, bring on Jota
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    2024 UEFA Men’s European Championship

    Clattenberg's analysis was arm in a natural position, but earlier in the tournament he said if the ball was going into the goal and the hand/arm blocks it, it is a penalty. So many yellows, whichever team goes through will be really shorthanded.
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    2024 UEFA Men’s European Championship

    It was Walker organizing the back line. Why not make him the player-coach for the rest of the tournament?
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    2024 UEFA Men’s European Championship

    CZE playing with 10, 7 yellows against Turkey, 5 yellows against CZE, 3 yellows against CZE bench, while typing 1 yellow against CZE
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    Copa ‘24: Should Have Been a Yellow

    When you leave your feet, and lead with your cleats up, and bend the other guys leg the wrong way, it's almost always a Red.
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    2024 UEFA Men’s European Championship

    It was a real whiners vs. divers or a criers vs. floppers game. You choose which was which.
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    Everton 23-24: You Don’t Own Me (Yet)

    Prospective new ownership group 777 accused of fraud.
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    MW32, in which we’re all Crystal Palace fans

    It's weird to see Man U. this late in the season with a negative goal differential. Pool needs to practice shooting down...
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    Do You Want John Henry To Sell The Red Sox?

    I voted no. Let's see what impact Theo has before we kick FSG to the curb.
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    GW 24 - 2/10-11 - (one liner re: Everton @ City)

    So, in today's Premiere League a player can run a deliberate pick on the keeper? The arsenal player never looked at the ball, he just threw a shoulder into the keeper when he tried to come out and play the ball.
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    GW21: The Longest GW

    I could hear my old coach screaming, "Head it DOWN" on that one.
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    Mayo is the New Coach

    I hope he comes in to the first press conference and does a deadpan BB response to questions for the first 10 minutes. I hope there is a camera on the reporters faces if he does.
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    GW 19: Boxing Day and following

    I didn't want to jinx it by talking about it. Wow Fulham, way to go.
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    Liverpool 23-24: The Long Klopp Goodbye

    I was thinking about this as I watched how far up he played in support of the offense. His shutdown speed is excellent also. He did well against Liverpool holding Salah down about as much as any defender can. Does Fulham have a replacement for him to even consider letting him go?
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    12/15-12/18 Game Thread

    TAA has also been..not sharp.
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    GW3: 8/25-8/28 games: Reporting Live

    That was quite a dog pile on Haaland. It's one way to stop him, I guess.
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    Gameweek 2: 8/18 - 8/20 game thread

    The Hammers out hustling and out working Chelsea.
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    GW1: It Begins Again

    If that wasn't a penalty then declare open season on anyone daring come into the box. I had a flashback to Rudiger smashing Kevin De Bruyne's face putting him out for the season with a broken orbital bone. Is there anything a coach/team can do if the refs are not protecting the players from...
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    GW1: It Begins Again

    Mo has eaten his defender alive, and he is now giving Mo more space than he should. Maybe run more plays up the right?
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    GW1: It Begins Again

    Chelsea players are going to get hurt throwing themselves on the ground so hard.