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  1. Greenwell982

    NBA Trade Deadline - Buyout Season Thread

    On the latest Simmons pod (Part 3 of the deadline one), KOC makes it sound like Drummond to the Celts via buyout is a done deal.
  2. Greenwell982

    Let’s Talk About NBA League Pass

    Have the same issue too. Thought it was just me. If it persists, I plan to get in touch with support. Something similar happened to the MLB app as well and Roku support told me that sometimes the latest release is buggy for Roku specifically and will crash. There is a way to revert to the...
  3. Greenwell982

    2016-2017 Celtics Predictions

    Win around 53 games. Huge strides from Smart and Rozier. Division title. Lose to the Cavs in the conference finals.
  4. Greenwell982

    General Playoff Thread: The Long 2nd Season

    That was just insane. I don't know if I have ever seen anything like that avoiding fouls while killing clock, only to bury an FU 3.
  5. Greenwell982

    General Playoff Thread: The Long 2nd Season

    There is a reason that man is MVP. Just wow. This has been an insane game.
  6. Greenwell982

    General Playoff Thread: The Long 2nd Season

    As someone who watched an inordinate amount of Warriors games this year, it's pretty apparent that they aren't passing the eye test here. They look extremely tentative, aren't playing with any real flow and just are missing that swagger they had. Really want to be proven wrong, but I don't see...
  7. Greenwell982

    General Playoff Thread: The Long 2nd Season

    You can always try the TNT Overtime stream: if all else fails.
  8. Greenwell982

    The Red Sox will retire Wade Boggs’ number on May 26

    Regarding the timing, I feel like this is a tie in to the 30th anniversary of the '86 team.
  9. Greenwell982

    NBA offseason thread

    Of note for Boston, Smart and picks to Philly were being talked about to move up.  Sixers said no.
  10. Greenwell982

    NBA Finals Thread

    Just. Wow. After that start, I did not see this happening.  I love this game.
  11. Greenwell982

    Celts 2013 Win Prediction

    I can see them getting something like 26 wins.  The reality is, as bad as this roster is, there are teams equally worse to downright horrible with no intentions other than full-on tanking.
  12. Greenwell982

    Rachel Nichols Has Bristol In Her Rearview Mirror

    I used to intern for her husband at a record label back in 2004/ 2005.  I met her once- super nice.  Good for her.