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  1. bellowthecat

    Mikal Bridges to NYK for 4 unprotected 1sts + more

    View: Thibs is probably engorged with this news
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    Celtics Offseason 2024 - Wake Me Up When September Ends

    I'm surprised people took Grande that way. He always calls games like that. Part of what makes him so special is how beautifully he always puts over the game, the players, and the moment in time. I turned the radio on with like 3 minutes to go in game 5. Felt like a solid 10 minutes before Max...
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    NBA Finals, Game 5, June 17: Banner Day>Flag Day

  4. bellowthecat

    NBA Finals, Game 5, June 17: Banner Day>Flag Day

    It's been an amazing ride watching the Jays and Brad grow through hundreds of basketball games. I am so fucking hyped right now I could run through a wall
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    6/14 - Finals Game 4 @ DAL – Only Championship Banners

    This was been one of the most enjoyable seasons I've ever witnessed in any sport. It ends tonight on the highest note.
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    Xavier Tillman to Celtics for 2 2nd round picks

    I can't find a clip of it, but Joe addressed his reasons for going with X over Big Bird ealry in his post game presser. He said he liked that X had lots of experience with the Mavs because they were in the same division as the Grizzlies and that the way the Grizzlies defended the Mavs was really...
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    RIP Jerry West

    Great stuff as always Kliq. Except for the part where it makes me deeply respect a Laker ;)
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    Kyrie went 5-16 in getting eliminated and we have schadenfreude.

    When Kyrie said he thought it would be louder in the Garden, what he really meant was he thought there would be more "kyrie sucks" or "fuck kyrie" chants. It's always all about him. He is the main character. Windows could have cracked and he still would have said he expected more unless it was...
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    Round 3: Celtics vs Pacers

    Breen has a chance to endear himself to me forever by dropping "GOT IT" after one of the Jays make a big time clutch shot
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    I must echo the sentiments. Tremendous stuff @lovegtm
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    5/15 - G5 vs. CLE - Gentleman's Sweep

    Wow it's even a custom jersey with Strus on the back. Fuck that guy.
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    Joe Mazzulla officially named head coach

    Probably because they're already asking so much out of Tatum that they don't want to gas him further by playing the 5. He's playing heavy minutes of high usage basketball. He's already slowing the pace down late as the 4. If you want him to play the 5 he will need either lower usage or fewer...
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    Round 2: Celtics vs Cavs

    Ref walking up the floor spotted up at the wing instead of the sideline and JB had to move him off the spot before knocking down that 3. JB was telling him to stay out of his way. I love Jaylen Brown. View:
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    Denver Nuggets (2) vs Minnesota Timberwolves (3) - 2024 WC Second Round

    Another awesome game. These playoffs has been full of them.
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    5/1: Game 5@Boston

    Make this Mike Gorman's last game and make sure it's a damn good one
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    5/1: Game 5@Boston

    Quoted for emphasis
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    4/29: Game 4@Miami

    Awesome. I see Jaime is 48 now. He looks as timeless as the Horford family.
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    4/29: Game 4@Miami

    Didn't watch live so I missed the game thread, but did anyone else notice Jaime Hector (Marlo Stanfield) sitting next to Al's dad?? They showed him 3 or 4 times, I'm sure it's him.