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  1. Tangled Up In Red

    The Yoshida Conundrum

    What this story?
  2. Tangled Up In Red

    dirtynine's Digest - The Thread for Kits

    Wow, kudos, Hammers & Umbro! Clean and tight!
  3. Tangled Up In Red

    No Offense, But.... (The 2024 Summer Transfer Window Thread)

    Everything else listed makes sense... but why dump Onana? Just an attractive piece to raise funds? Hardly seems disposable and is of high quality...
  4. Tangled Up In Red

    Best guard tandems

    Gary Grant and Antoine Joubert Chris Childs and Doug Usatilo Kenny Anderson and Mark Price
  5. Tangled Up In Red

    The Tommy John Epidemic

    They've taken a (small) step in this direction by centralizing and standardizing rosin bags - with a tackier-than-before blend. Been in use for a couple seasons now...
  6. Tangled Up In Red

    dirtynine's Digest - The Thread for Kits

    I saw an image of the u-21s (or someone) wearing the new US jersey, but with blue shorts and socks. Looks much, much better (though still kinda lame) than on red/red
  7. Tangled Up In Red

    NCAA South Reguon

    Pulling for Boise revenge for their bullshit seeding. They'll be a tough out for anyone.
  8. Tangled Up In Red

    2024 NFL Draft Combine

    Holani testing himself into a late round pick. Will be a steal as a 3rd down back with versatility (if he can stay healthy).
  9. Tangled Up In Red

    CFB 2024 Offseason: Spring Games, Transfers, Lawsuits, etc.

    I'm not seeing that above? Who even is the group of 5 now? Does the PAC-2 count?
  10. Tangled Up In Red

    CFB 2024 Offseason: Spring Games, Transfers, Lawsuits, etc.

    So, if Boise State goes 12-0, with OOC wins over as many power-4 (or 5 or X?) teams as they can schedule (a decade ago)... then maybe, maybe they crack #12? Who else has a real shot, Liberty and FAU? Sucks for Notre Dame and BYU, I guess (but don't feel any pity for)
  11. Tangled Up In Red

    CFB Coaching Carousel

    Aww f**k. Boise State's OC (and alum), Bush Hamdan heading to... Kentucky?!?!?! I hope the rumors are wrong. After just landing a former 5* QB AND getting Heisman candidate Ashton Jeanty returning in the backfield -- makes no sense except short-term $$$. edit: hopefully premature consternation...
  12. Tangled Up In Red

    The IFAB approves plans to introduce blue cards for Sin-bins

    This. Cynical, but also (most important, imo) tactical fouls.
  13. Tangled Up In Red

    African Soccer

    Wild. AFCON at it's finest.
  14. Tangled Up In Red

    Spurs 23/24: I'm Loving Big Ange Instead

    From all reports, he fills the gaping void of a dribbly, 1v1 winger. 4 senior national caps, valued at 17m
  15. Tangled Up In Red

    African Soccer

    Burkina Faso has been punching above their weight for a (recent) while now... Mali could be alright, even without their Evertonian. This tournament is always a wild card, though faves generally shine through (I guess this could be said of most tourneys)
  16. Tangled Up In Red

    Everton 23-24: You Don’t Own Me (Yet)

    Good player, even with his limitations. Any prem club (sans City) would benefit from his presence.