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  1. Humphrey

    Bryan Mata & Cam Booser to be called up? ( Justin Slaten to IL w/ right elbow inflammation)

    They have to option someone other than Criswell out, right? Doesn't it have to be 10 days, there's no injury here (except replacing Slaten to begin with).
  2. Humphrey

    The Oldest Full Color Baseball Broadcast - Sox and Twins - 1967

    To add to that- Howard had replaced The Hawk, who Williams, IIRC, got out of right field as soon as he could most of the time (swapped Tartabull for Gibson). Howard was batting .175, contributed a lot to the team behind the plate, but not as a hitter. What were the odds on Howard coming...
  3. Humphrey

    The Oldest Full Color Baseball Broadcast - Sox and Twins - 1967

    I'm far from perfect. Would have bet the farm Yaz' homer was in the 8th inning, not the 7th. One other thing I noticed was that prior to the error by Versailles, Adair attempted a bunt. Why would you bunt a guy over with Yaz on deck- they'd have walked him for sure.
  4. Humphrey

    The Oldest Full Color Baseball Broadcast - Sox and Twins - 1967

    Something that came up when Willie Mays died- Al Worthington is one of a half dozen or so living New York Baseball Giants. Those that had lenghty careers for the most part did so elsewhere
  5. Humphrey

    The Oldest Full Color Baseball Broadcast - Sox and Twins - 1967

    For the record, Yaz hit #44 a half inning before Killebrew hit his. I have a baseball calendar (good sports art, don't think it's in business any more) that captures the moment. Watching it gives me goose bumps. Zoilo Versailles went from MVP in 1965 to a big time stiff- dropped the throw...
  6. Humphrey

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Shank had a good trivia question- the 6 starting Red Sox All Star Game left fielders since Ted retired. I mention the final one here because he wasn't a left fielder, the year he got the nod, Trout was put in center.
  7. Humphrey

    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    I'm much more inclined to consider his point of view, certain agendas (like Papi) excluded; even agree sometimes; when he writes about baseball or basketball- he was a beat writer for both sports, and is knowledgeable. Football and hockey, no thank you.
  8. Humphrey

    Fidium Internet service

    There's supposed to be something else coming to Cape Cod (besides internet via 5g, which is available in some places down here). At least in the interim, Comcast's internet in my location is actually good, reliable and expensive versus what most folks seem to be getting; expensive.
  9. Humphrey

    Fidium Internet service

    What are the plans to expand it to other states? Some big markets (CA, PA, Ill), but nowhere near being an option for most of us.
  10. Humphrey

    Revolution Stadium Proposal in Everett

    It's half a mile from the Sullivan Square T station to 173'd think they'd put the walking bridge parallel to the bridge that carries 99 over the Mystic. Or maybe I'm missing something there.
  11. Humphrey

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Duran most certainly doesn't look like a 4A player since Mazz called him that
  12. Humphrey

    Orlando Cepeda, aka Cha Cha, Baby Bull - RIP

    Cepeda and Luis Aparicio were both DFAd (not the term then) the same day towards the end of spring training in 1974. That pair and Juan Marichal (who lasted the entire season, but only pitched sparingly* would have...
  13. Humphrey

    2024 Rotation and Bullpen

    Tough to throw a gopher ball that traveled further than the one he threw.
  14. Humphrey

    After Bill Russell, who are the next Greatest Celtic Centers of all time?

    And before that (or concurrently), "Wide" Clyde Lovellette, Hall of Famer, first of a chosen few to play on a NCAA, Olympic and NBA champion.
  15. Humphrey

    Agents of KAOS: Rafaela, Duran, O'Neill, Romy, & Blizzard

    Mentioned this somewhere else: can't think of a Sox team that had 3 guy batting consecutively (891 or 912) who ran this fast. Tough to come up with two, even.
  16. Humphrey

    Kid vs. Kid

    ...and I'd rather have seen him up at the plate than Cooper, that's how bad Cooper was while he was here.
  17. Humphrey

    Young, scrappy and hungry: when does Hamilton get his shot?

    I can't remember any Sox team that had 3 fast guys in a row in the batting order...or even two.
  18. Humphrey

    Realignment 2023: Whither the Pac12?

    Why call it the Allstate 12 when the total isn't 12? Just call it Allstate.
  19. Humphrey

    2024 Boston College Football

    Has it changed in the last 4-5 years? I parked at the Law School and took a shuttle. Didn't cost me anything.