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  1. jacklamabe65

    Bill Simmons Show Yourself

    Perhaps SoSH is Bill's Rosebud.
  2. jacklamabe65

    RIP Bill Walton

    The joy Bill brought to the game made him even greater. When he was with the Celts, his facial expressions on the bench reflected those of us sitting in the stands. He was one of us. And when he was on the court, watching him and Larry pass and realizing that there were the best two big men to...
  3. jacklamabe65

    Angel Hernandez to retire

    My grandfather, who attended the opening game at Fenway in 1912, used to bring out "the old chestnuts" that the Royal Rooters frequently used on umpires back in the day. Given this thread, here are two "old chestnut" favorites for the worst umpire I've ever seen in sixty years of following MLB...
  4. jacklamabe65

    Red Sox, Ceddanne Rafaela agree to contract extension

    I agree, especially because of the injuries and the reality that this team probably won't compete. I would love to see the Sox extend Casas while he is injured (and perhaps vulnerable).
  5. jacklamabe65

    Arif Hasan Q&A

    Welcome, Arif! Do you think the Patriots should sit down with Blake Maye and have him learn the ropes this year (as long as Jacoby remains healthy)?
  6. jacklamabe65

    2024 College Baseball Season

    Me. 50 years ago today. Jacksonville (coached by Jack Lamabe) at the University of Miami.
  7. jacklamabe65

    2024 NFL Draft 4th through 7th round gamethread WITH SPOILERS

    On three, everyone through your snowball at Gary Cuozzo! Five minutes later: "Attention, if any more snowballs are thrown at the Vikings bench, this game will be suspended by the officials here."
  8. jacklamabe65

    2024 NFL Draft 4th through 7th round gamethread WITH SPOILERS

    Mark Daniels @ByMarkDaniels · 16s Patriots are doing it They're drafting UCF WR Javon Baker with pick 110.
  9. jacklamabe65

    2024 NFL Draft 4th through 7th round gamethread WITH SPOILERS

    Mark Daniels An NFL scout to Go Long's Bob McGinn on Layden Robinson: "Everybody’s gonna say he’s dumb, right? But this motherf’er went to the Senior Bowl and kicked all those guys’ asses. Is he powerful. He’s a starter.”
  10. jacklamabe65

    2024 NFL Draft 2nd and 3rd round gamethread: Baruch atah Adonai WITH SPOILERS

    Interestingly, The Athletic currently has them as the 20th-ranked team, so I don't know how bad the Patriots really are. Last year, they had historically close losses and could have easily been a .500 or above .500 team.
  11. jacklamabe65

    Let's Lay Off That Throttle

    This. 100 percent.
  12. jacklamabe65

    R3/68 Caedan Wallace OT PSU

    It seems all three picks were very much consensus, not one top dog saying, "I will pick this guy, period." Given that Wolf and colleagues have seemingly done their due diligence, I will go with that process. Could these be bad picks? Sure. But at least there were in-depth conversations and...
  13. jacklamabe65

    R1/3: Drake Maye QB UNC

    It was either that or Jack Ruby.
  14. jacklamabe65

    Those Who Stay Will be Champions: Michigan Football 2024

    A former student, Stone Anderson, is a placekicker for Michigan. A fantastic young man in every way.
  15. jacklamabe65

    What do you want Pats to do with #3?

    There has been a heck of a lot of smoke on trading down for McCarthy over the past three days. Smokescreen or an authentic blaze?
  16. jacklamabe65

    The Krafts

    Life is good when it's inherited.
  17. jacklamabe65

    The Krafts

    For those of you who have read David Copperfield, Jonathan Kraft, in looks and personality, has always reminded me of Uriah Heap.
  18. jacklamabe65

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    In my teaching career (1979-24), I taught third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, eighth and ninth grade honors English, a senior writing seminar, and eighth-grade 20th-century American history. Bill seems to be one of those colleagues who taught sixth grade exclusively and was exceptional at...
  19. jacklamabe65

    Roasted GOAT

    Will Foster Brooks be a roaster?
  20. jacklamabe65

    Jack Edwards to retire

    A Johnny Most Wannabe With Dick Stockman Pipes. It was fascinating for two decades but got old eventually. Still, I was usually entertained.