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  1. berezina

    4/3 - Pittsburgh @ Boston - APRIL FOOLS PART TROIS

    FUN FACT: Steamer projected Adam Duvall to put up 0.6 fWAR in his first season with the Red Sox. He's put up 0.6 fWAR in the first three games.
  2. berezina

    Patriots 2017 UDFA Frenzy

    SI's Draft Season podcast did an episode on Austin Carr.
  3. berezina

    Following Former Red Sox 2017

    Manuel Margot's career bWAR for the Padres (1.4) now exceeds Craig Kimbrel's for the Red Sox (1.3). Expected that to happen someday - just not as soon as the first month of his rookie season. (Disclaimer: Margot was destined to be traded with our crowded outfield, but the Padres did well to...
  4. berezina

    Following Former Red Sox 2017

    Wonder if Travis Shaw is a genuinely good hitter with a bad body whose legs go as the season progresses. You could see it last year in his sapped power & diminished fielding. Maybe improved conditioning? Believe I read he lost ten pounds. Anyway, wish him well. Haven't seen Anderson Espinoza...