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  1. drbretto

    External HD got encrypted and now I can't access it

    Sadly no, but I asked gpt just in case and it is saying pretty much the same thing here: From my dealings with corporate offices, someone almost certainly does have your key, but either might not know it or it was handled by someone higher up and they just don't know about it. I would keep...
  2. drbretto

    Brady is back….back again

    Yeah just to update on that, I was literally just being a baby because I didn't think he would leave, and within like a day I loved the man again and have followed more TB than NE ever since.
  3. drbretto

    Red Sox extend Devers—11 years, $332 million

    I can't believe I've lived to see a day here where an 11 year, 331 million dollar contract didn't cause a complete existential meltdown.
  4. drbretto

    After Babe Ruth ... who?

    I am guessing if I was about 10 years older, it would have been Clemens and/or Boggs. But it ends up being Damon because that was more my era. Dude straight up said he never would and then just did.
  5. drbretto

    NESN to offer standalone streaming service for games (IN MARKET)

    That makes sense, I literally forgot about hockey for a moment.
  6. drbretto

    NESN to offer standalone streaming service for games (IN MARKET)

    I'm guessing they are using the tickets to justify the price, not to boost ticket sales. That price is even worse that it looks when you consider there's only baseball 6 months out of the year (assuming the yearly option is the only one). This seems like it could appeal to a very small and...
  7. drbretto

    NESN will show Red Sox home games in 4K HDR in 2022

    Woohoo, let's party like it's 2017! I can't wait until 2031 when I can stream it.
  8. drbretto

    How Much Do You Hate the Shift Ban?

    I've changed my vote to '"I'm ok with it" and I'm ok with those minor league experiments. I didn't like any of it at first. After reading some comments here and thinking, I don't really have much of a case against any of them that isn't rooted in me not believing there's a problem in the first...
  9. drbretto

    Can rules changes save baseball?

    Only thing that will save baseball for me is getting rid of the blackout rules. If MLB Extra Innings was an app on my TV and I didn't have to fart around with a VPN just to watch the Sox, I'd get right back into it. It would pretty much be default background noise until it hooked me right back...
  10. drbretto

    How Much Do You Hate the Shift Ban?

    I'm mostly disappointed that the shifts didn't turn into an actual layer of strategy. I think it would be a lot more interesting if batters actually did try to beat it once in a while. Even if it's uncomfortable. I am generally against meddling and I hated the idea, but maybe the right tweaks...
  11. drbretto

    RIP Jeremy Giambi

    I hate anything to do with suicide. I have a reflex where I empathize with situations and any time someone mentions suicide, especially with details as to the method, I have a hard time not picturing that moment over and over again from my own perspective. We will never know what was going...
  12. drbretto

    Florio: Pash ordered PSI readings “expunged” in 2015

    It's worse, to me, that they weren't even particularly clever about it. It seems obvious that they ran a search for the words "deflate" and "needle" and they got "call me the deflator!" and "needle dick" (or whatever, I'm not reading it all again) and thought "hmm... interesting..."
  13. drbretto

    Florio: Pash ordered PSI readings “expunged” in 2015

    No. Because it was a bunch of out of context nonsense that only seemed like evidence if someone started with the assumption they were guilty. If you don't start with that assumption, they're just a couple of dinks.
  14. drbretto

    Tom Brady retires

    I crunched the numbers. I think Tom Brady has an outside shot at the Hall of Fame. He definitely had a good 22-year peak, but I'm just not sure he hung on long enough to pad his stats like a True Hall of Famer.
  15. drbretto

    2022 HOF Candidates: Ortiz and Papelbon First Time on Ballot

    I am glad I'm not the only one who is surprised how much I wanted this. Will forever be my favorite player. Not just his on-field heroics. His attitude inspired me and it's had a profound effect on my life's trajectory. I always figured he'd float just under the line for years because of DH...
  16. drbretto

    Jon Lester announces his retirement

    Sure, sure and sure. I read the thread, I saw the comps. I am generally in favor the Hall being more inclusive and more about the story of baseball than a collection of stats. But yeah, faulty memory on the curses. I'm getting old. He's still in my personal Hall.
  17. drbretto

    Jon Lester announces his retirement

    I agree he won't get the votes, but I think he belongs. Beat cancer. Beat 2 curses. 200 wins is the new 300. Great postseason numbers. Great attitude. Great dude. Even hit a few memorable bombs. Slam dunk Red Sox HoFer. Probably Cubs, too. If there was a multiverse where he played this same...
  18. drbretto

    2022 Hall of Fame Class

    Agreed. The only thing the steroid era does for me is inflate the bar for the numbers a bit. The era gets the asterisk. Mainly because we just can't know who else was doing it. To me, you don't have "steroid guys" you just have the ones that got caught. I'm a fairly honest person. Honest...
  19. drbretto

    Buster Posey to retire

    It's hard to quantify catcher value already, but it's even hard to compare them across eras. Posey was one of the best catchers if his own time. As is Yadier Molina. Both should be in, IMO. The line for catchers these days should basically be just above Varitek and Posada and should skew heavily...
  20. drbretto

    4G Android phone megathread

    Haha, I guess not. Fair points! Lol