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    R1/3: Drake Maye QB UNC

    Not only that, there was an opening segment with Field Yates introducing it as his big board and talking about how he learned how to put it together in part through his work as an intern with the Patriots.
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    Mayo: Season 1

    It could just be, and Kraft also alluded to eventually starting interviews for people in the outside, that they won’t make changes until after the draft. That wouldn’t be wholly uncommon.
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    Challenge: The Gift that Keeps On Giving. . .

    The generations and years on this one could be different depending on if we include minor league service time: 1986: Ken Ryan signed as amateur free agent 1992: Ken Ryan (2.3 bWAR) debuts with Red Sox (generation 1) 5 years of majors, 11 years with Red Sox) 1997: Ken Ryan (with...
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    Mac's Future

    Please delete. Did not finish reading the thread. Already discussed. Just to add (piling on to Mac here not to DJnVA) some context, his total yards includes the 30 yard pass play, in the Hail Mary situation, at the end of the half to Douglas. That appeared to be something between a gamble and...
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    recovering a hacked facebook account

    Thanks everyone. We don’t know anyone at Facebook, but we’ll keep trying to get in touch with them. For those interested, here’s the link. It is very odd because as I said it almost looks more like a bug than a hack - That’s not my...
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    recovering a hacked facebook account

    Well I will bump this on behalf of my wife. A month or so ago someone took over her account, changed the name, changed all her login info, and now just appears to run her profile under a new name with new…everything. It’s really odd. We’ve been through all the Facebook/hacked info and nothing...
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    The future is so's the 2023 Pats Draft Contest!

    Flowers, Zay WR Boston College Playmaker would be fun Kincaid, Dalton TE Utah I’m a Utah alum & Utah fan and if they don’t get Kincaid, maybe go for Kuithe when he comes out! Banks...
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    A’s have signed a binding agreement to purchase land for a future ballpark in Las Vegas.

    I would have to imagine if an MLB team moves in, there would be incentives to move the AAA team out to reduce fan competition. Right? Same is true if Salt Lake City gets a team, their AAA team would have to leave.
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    NFL: News and transactions

    View: “More details on Odell Beckham Jr.‘s one-year deal with the #Ravens: $13.835 million signing bonus $1.165 million base salary $3M in reachable incentives So OBJ will make at least $15 million and as...
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    2023 Mocks

    Without doing my own analysis and simply reading here and elsewhere, that #24 slot seems like a Goldilocks position to drop down into (or really anywhere in that range).
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    2023 Mocks

    Here’s an unlikely trade back and trade up scenario. I don’t think I had to give up enough to pick up the 31st pick from the Chiefs, but to walk away with WR, T, and Schoonmaker on offense would be exciting to say the least.
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    2023 Pats: Offseason

    I’d throw James White in there as well as a pass catcher; he’s also missing Jakobi Meyers, David Patten, Ben Watson, and perhaps Daniel Graham on the bubble.
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    Mayo Extension Close

    You think BB tries to limit mobility of his coaches? His long history of success and the related coaching turnover strongly suggests otherwise.
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    Mayo Extension Close

    This coming from is definitely odd. Why bother announcing Mayo unless something is done? Seems, I suppose, at least they are telling fans “we are doing something.” I don’t know that they owe us an announcement like this unless they are worried about leaks and misinformation while...
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    Patriots 2022 Rookie of the Year

    Marcus Jones: true three way player that adds some explosiveness or elusiveness on the offense. Excellent in the return game. Could be a useful slot piece or depth piece in the secondary.
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    How long will Chaim last?

    I voted “Bloom Forever” with the understanding that his contract as far as I can tell right now takes him through the end of ‘24 essentially giving him this season to really prove it and not be on a lame duck contract. Thus, my rationale for voting “beyond 2025” is essentially betting the field...
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    Carlos Correa and the Mets (yes, that's correct) agree on a 12-year, $315m deal

    The Giants saw too many electronic pitch tracking devices on the x-rays.
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    What are your best offers to Devers and Bogaerts?

    Devers: 11/341 million. opt out and NTC, allowable performance/MVP incentives Xander: 5/130, player option that can vest for 6/150 based roughly on games played in year 5
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    Let's say BB stays on until he retires. What does that mean for the franchise?

    I’m not sure this is true. While there is griping about nepotism, we are not hearing too much about Matt Groh for instance - despite robust criticism of the draft, I haven’t seen much attributing the “reaches” to the fact that personnel is overseen by Al’s boy. All that to say, I’m also not so...
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    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 2

    Am I missing something (possible, been drinking) or is Chenal still available at 94?