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  1. DanoooME

    July 2024 news and notes

    13 players have hit 2 grand slams in a game. 4 Red Sox have accomplished this feat. Can you name them?
  2. DanoooME

    The WNBA: Thread II

    One more stat to show the impact Clark (and to a lesser degree, but still significant) and Angel Reese have had. Per Yahoo: Top vote-getters (2023): A'ja Wilson: 95,860 votes Breanna Stewart: 87,586 Brittney Griner: 72,637 Aliyah Boston: 72,294 Jackie Young: 63,262 Top vote-getters (2024)...
  3. DanoooME

    Sports Cards Mania

    Theoretically, yes, 1 print run nowadays is one print run. Back in the 80s/90s, they would keep printing the stuff based on demand and there would be 6, 7, 8 printings of a set. It's harder to do that now with all the numbered cards, etc. because how would you do a second printing and people...
  4. DanoooME

    2024 Jets: Out of the Darkness - Take 2

    I don't think he's kissing Suzy Kolber (yet).
  5. DanoooME

    The Final

    Kulikov should have gotten a charging penalty for taking a run at #39 before the stick in the balls.
  6. DanoooME

    The Final

    Good on McDavid for not taking a dive there, even though he'd have probably gotten a penalty shot out of it.
  7. DanoooME

    The Final

    Should have been a double minor. He left his feet.
  8. DanoooME

    Sports Cards Mania

    Your local dumpster.
  9. DanoooME

    Round 2 out west

    See? Nothing to it.
  10. DanoooME

    Round 2 out west

    Colorado puts together almost an entire overtime of sloppy play and then gets a great scoring chance that they blow. Dallas should win this thing.
  11. DanoooME

    Misc. NFL Offseason News

    LOL that was my first thought. Why are they ripping off hockey jerseys?
  12. DanoooME

    NFL Schedule Release 2024

    Seattle schedule so far (allegedly): Week 1 - vs. Denver Week 2 - @ Pats Week 3 - vs. Miami Week 4 - @ Detroit Week 5 - vs Giants Week 6 - vs. 49ers (TNF) Week 7 - Week 8 - vs. Buffalo Week 9 - vs. Rams Week 10 - Week 11 - Week 12 - vs. Arizona Week 13 - @ Jets Week 14 - Week 15 - vs. Green Bay...
  13. DanoooME

    Sports Cards Mania

    I miss the days of ripping 100 boxes of 1993 Classic 4-Sport at $2 a box from Kay-Bee.
  14. DanoooME

    Roasted GOAT

    The Ringer ranked the roasters...
  15. DanoooME

    Why Are Prospects Not Hitting at the MLB Level?

    The other factor is all these relievers that throw 95+, with ridiculous movement and breaking balls. The resultant reduction of starting pitcher innings has made it more difficult for hitters in general, and that would negatively affect the younger hitters more that don't have the experience to...
  16. DanoooME

    Roasted GOAT

    That's because Comedy Central roasts were heavily edited, so people are used to seeing only the best jokes and skipping the crap.
  17. DanoooME

    Roasted GOAT

    Glaser said this morning on Stern that she had a daddy joke ready, but cut it out after there was discussion amongst all the comedians that kids were off limits. My personal favorites were Nikki, Jeff Ross and Tony Hinchcliffe on the comedian side and Bledsoe, Brady, and Manning on the player...
  18. DanoooME

    Bailey acquires Bailey... Potential bullpen depth Bailey Horn

    Horn will probably need a little while to get the White Sox stink off of him, and then we can see what he can do.
  19. DanoooME

    Unusual plays

    I've seen T-ball players execute a better run-down.
  20. DanoooME

    Today is Kentucky Derby Day! Bad hats and cheap mint julips in expensive glasses

    Had to play Mystik Dan for the name, played across the board. My wife went with Catching Freedom, and if that race lasted another 300 yards or so, that horse would have been the winner.