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  1. Tharkin

    Seeking Info: Old Red Fan Forum Message Boards Circa 2001-2006 Time Frames

    I remember posting on the Red Sox Fan Forum a fair bit somewhere in that timeframe. That's where I learned about Sosh -- there was some resentment from lurkers who couldn't get over the sandbox hump so they painted Sosh in a negative light. Took a few months before I checked it out myself and...
  2. Tharkin

    How did you discover SoSH?

    Yes, I was Tharkin there too. There was a separate private forum that I can't remember the name of with a small group of that core. I think it was you (with a different Jim Ed name, right? Unless that was someone else.) Toofar, Nina, TruBlu, and a couple of others, which I joined in on later...
  3. Tharkin

    How did you discover SoSH?

    I was a member of the Fan Forum at in High School and heard about SOSH there. This must have been about 1999. By a couple of years later I was lurking here pretty religiously (and still do) but didn't get around to making an account for some years. After the Sox won in 2007 Nip...
  4. Tharkin

    The Night Before Draftmas Poll

    I voted trade up to 4 for a QB, but really what I mean is that I want the Patriots to be as aggressive as they need to be to get whoever they think the right guy is. If that's at 4 or 7 or 10 or 15, good. Do it. The rapid reworking of the team we all lost our minds over has got me all fired...
  5. Tharkin

    Extra Innings Rule

    Balls that leave the infield are outs, and Angel Hernandez is flown in to be the only ump.
  6. Tharkin

    Voice Boost Soundbars

    I can't speak to voice boost soundbars, but another option that might be worth considering--especially for your husband if he is cranking the volume way up to hear dialog--might be some wireless TV headphones. I'm pretty hearing impaired and went my whole life understanding probably half or...
  7. Tharkin

    Red Sox requested that a humidor be installed at Fenway Park

    I feel like this is setting the stage for draft penalties down the road if a ball in play dries out faster than an opposing coach thinks it should. As previously stated, they should do this in all ballparks if they do it in any.
  8. Tharkin

    Reserving Judgment... But What Did the Sox Do and How Bad Will They Get Hit?

    I hear variations of this often enough that I must be thinking about this the wrong way. It seems to me that increasing grip is how you'd increase spin rate. Why does one thing increase grip but not spin rate, and another increases spin rate but not grip? Is it just a matter of the degree of...
  9. Tharkin

    Auction Item: Boston Garden Bruins Program, 1932, near mint

    Wow, both the program and the extra donation are such generous offerings from Monbo and DennyDoyle'sBoil. I'll bid $300.
  10. Tharkin

    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    If Mookie plays 2B, the pitchers are not allowed to let Machado on base. It'd be fun to watch though.
  11. Tharkin

    How Deep Into October Do the Sox Have to Go For You to Consider '18 to Have Been a Success?

    For me it's already been a successful season, and a really fun one. I can't remember a regular season team that was this interesting and enjoyable all the way through. Going out in the ALDS would be pretty disappointing finish--and extremely annoying if it's to the Yankees--but it wouldn't...
  12. Tharkin

    Ted Williams' 16 consecutive on-base streak

    Baseball lends itself so well to these cool little anecdotes and factoids. There's just such an enormous sample size of games/at-bats/events over such a long time that all sorts of crazy things happen, and you could never know them all. Also, the more I learn about Ted Williams the more he...
  13. Tharkin

    Boating life

    22' Pontoon Boat out at camp on Great Moose Lake in Hartland, Maine. Spent most of today on it with Tharkette, the Tharklings, and my step-father. Also 3 canoes, a handful of kayaks, and a rowboat with a little 4 hp outboard on it. The big boat is for cruising around and/or anchoring in the...
  14. Tharkin

    Blake wants to rake

    That would be a record.
  15. Tharkin

    Tom vs. Time

    Yeah, this is a good point. It's not like I personally am all up in arms against Reimer on TB's kid's behalf. If I heard it on the radio I'd just mentally roll my eyes and think "what an ass" and that would be it. But it's not surprising that the kid's Dad wants to call it out.
  16. Tharkin

    Tom vs. Time

    Others have answered better than I probably can, so I'll repeat the idea that it's not like the show is centered on the family stuff and that's the major thing that's being used to humanize TB12 (the person and the brand.) If part of the goal of the show is increased relatability, which is...
  17. Tharkin

    Tom vs. Time

    I get what you're saying, but I think the idea that he brought this on himself on himself by using his family as props in a Kardashian-like spectacle is pretty severely overstating things. These shows don't come across that way to me, but I guess we see them differently. It's true that he...
  18. Tharkin

    Tom vs. Time

    The part with Tom House near the beginning was fantastic. I was watching this in my garage, standing up and mimicking the motions and adjustments that they were doing on screen, and damn if I didn't feel the same things when I changed my arm slots--this way pulls your head to the side, holding...
  19. Tharkin

    Pine tar & Pitches or Pitchforks & torches: The John Farrell Poll

    I voted rehire because I think he's overall more OK than terrible. But if the club hires someone they believe to be a legitimate upgrade, as opposed to change for the sake of change, that's cool too. I do wish things had worked out where Lovullo got the job back then or stuck around to get it now.
  20. Tharkin

    David Ortiz will retire at end of 2016 season.

    Despite an entire season to come to terms with it, I can't believe that was Papi's last game. I want him to come back. I want him to retire and enjoy the hell out of the awesome life he's got coming post-baseball. I don't know what I want, but I know that I feel very fortunate to have watched...