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    What does the Red Sox outfield look like in 2024?

    Definitely agree on Robert. Solves both the RH power bat and good defense in the outfield. Could even move him to right if we keep Rafaela. I assume a package would have to start with Mayer, one of Bleis/Yorke/Anthony, Kutter/Houck, and more. Would a package like that get it done and would it...
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    2024 Core

    Too many starters and need a bat. Maybe Verdugo isn't enough, but they listened on offers for him at the deadline. 4 years of control is why the prospect price is so high.
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    2024 Core

    Would love to see Chaim go after two top starters and keep the lineup. Need to give the young guys a chance to hit. Think something like this gets you pretty far even in a stacked AL: 1 Jarren Duran (L) LF 2 Rafael Devers (L) 3B 3 Adam Duvall (R) RF - 2yrs $30M 4 Triston Casas (L) 1B 5...