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  1. mwonow

    Luka Doncic: Overrated, Underrated, or Irradiated?

    Yeah, truth is probably in the middle. He's underrated on this board because we're put off by the media gushing, and because his flaws played a big role in 18. He's overrated everywhere else because...herd think? Points? I dunno, he's an excellent player, but he walks (not runs, too often) on...
  2. mwonow

    2024 MiLB Injuries & Other Affronts

    Thanks, Andrew!
  3. mwonow

    2024 MiLB Injuries & Other Affronts

    ...made funnier by the fact that Young Charlie barely has an identity at all - Google only wants to talk about the ex-MLBer
  4. mwonow

    2024 MiLB Injuries & Other Affronts

    Is it for complications related to being old, or something? Charlie is now 44...
  5. mwonow

    July 10, 2024 - Oakland Athletics vs Boston Red Sox

    Hamilton would'a had it
  6. mwonow

    2024 Red Sox MiLB Acquisitions & Removals

    If you hadn't, I would have. Says something about both of us, I guess!
  7. mwonow

    Following Former Red Sox 2024...

    Am I the only one trying to picture Eric Van doing a saber dance to this?
  8. mwonow

    7/3/2024 - The Sandman, not as wild as the Taliban; Ball in his right, glove on his other hand

    Just scanning those numbers, it looks like Paez should be at the front of the line. @JM3, do you think that's true?
  9. mwonow

    7/3/2024 - The Sandman, not as wild as the Taliban; Ball in his right, glove on his other hand

    I have to say, "interesting arm currently blocked by other interesting pitchers" is a really nice problem to have!
  10. mwonow

    Following Former Red Sox 2024...

    Many years ago, I read a short story in which a guy told his doctor that he had a live lizard in his chest that was ruining his health. The doctor tried to skirt the issue, but eventually, he told the patient, "I don't believe you." And a lizard jumped out of the patient's chest and into the...
  11. mwonow

    Al Horford - the Celtics' Resurrected Saviour of the Season

    Pretty weird to see Gerald Henderson, Brad Lohaus, and Fred Roberts all on a roster that isn't the Cs.
  12. mwonow

    Young, scrappy and hungry: when does Hamilton get his shot?

    If Hamilton continues along this path, how much longer until he forces a decision between himself and The Promise of Grissom(tm)? Hamilton's trade value is TBD, while we know that a major league GM will swap a proven starter for Grissom.
  13. mwonow

    Who is the greatest living balllplayer?

    Ricky is a really interesting answer. Not necessarily the best (answer or living ballplayer), but interesting, and worthy of inclusion in the discussion.
  14. mwonow

    Kristian Campbell, 2B/CF

    Looks like he's got the world's strongest wrists
  15. mwonow

    NBA Finals, Game 5, June 17: Banner Day>Flag Day

    So happy! For Al - and All!
  16. mwonow

    How worried are you about Celtics closing this out?

    If it helps - in 2008, I showed up at a cottage on its own island, no wifi, no TV, just as the Game 4 comeback started. There was a radio. And if I stood just right - with "just right" changing periodically, sometimes on one leg, sometimes pointing the radio towards one window or another - I...