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    USMNT Summer 2024: Beauty is in the Eye of the Berhalter

    It would seem that with USA hosting the WC, this would be more important than say other Games to make sure they maximize USA performance. Maybe the powers that be don't see it that way but USA really needs to advance in this World Cup.
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    Rank the best moves by a Celtics GM that contributed to a Banner.

    "Carroll has enjoyed a prolific post-NBA career. An economics graduate at Purdue, he founded a wealth advisory company for athletes, continued the foundation for low-income children that he started while with the Warriors, and has had his paintings displayed at multiple galleries. In February...
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    6/9 - Finals Game B vs. DAL - 48 > 40

    No reason for 30 to be in the game if he can't make corner 3s.
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    Misc. Pats Offseason News

    All due respect but that's insane. They take Lamar or Chubb if they know what they know now.
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    Game 6 - It was not Death, for I stood up

    Way way way too much cap spent on players who don't move the needle in the playoffs. No one I'd rather have coaching my team to win a regular season team than Monty but seems like all he is is the more games in first place kinda coach.
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Mazz would say the 86 Celtics championship wasn't as "real" as the 84 championship because the 84 team had to beat a good Knick team in 7 and then Philly before a great 7 gamer against the Lakers. As opposed to annihilating Atlanta and Milwaukee before Houston. Even though the 86 team would...
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    Curious what people think about bringing down players

    The nuance here is are they the worst kids on the first team who don't get run on the top team or would they play for team 1 except that they are being brought in to boost team 2?
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    Game 7 - We Win

    As someone who attended last year's game 7 and this year's game 7... I enjoyed this one more. That is all.
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    Red Sox hire outside consulting firm to audit organization

    Craig breslow just worked in another organization, for Theo Epstein who not only ran multiple organizations, but also just worked for MLB and had access to the inner workings of how probably every team in baseball was run. The idea that breslow etc al need a consulting firm to evaluate who...
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    Red Sox hire outside consulting firm to audit organization

    This, this, this. The reference to chaim blooms hires is the giveaway. They want organizational cover when he dumps a bunch of guys that chaim brought in. There is zero chance that Craig breslow with his experience, mentors, owners, and education needs a consultant to tell him how to set up a...
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    2024 PGA $ League Add Drop #1

    Im going to pass. Thanks
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    2024 NFL Draft 4th through 7th round gamethread WITH SPOILERS

    I am as down on the leadership of the franchise as anyone could be, and I cannot understand the logic that the Patriots should be drafting players with huge ceilings and low floors with the current lack of talent on this roster. If polk and Wallace perform at median, I think both are starting...
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    Mitchell,McConkey and Coleman-the BPA thread

    I'm open to Dejean or Kool-Aid, as I think CB is almost as big a need as WR for this team, and thats where the value is right now, and potentially you get 4-5 years of two elite young CB anchoring your D backfield. None of the T or WR leap off the page at me, and I think the value is on D, and...
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    Eliot Wolf will be in charge of the personnel department

    Curious who this group thinks the source is of all the Jonathan Kraft stuff. You figure it's either a Jonathan source, from an ego standpoint letting the world know he's in charge now not his dad, or a Wolf source to protect himself if the pick ends up going bad. Can't think of anything else...
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    The Krafts

    There are plenty of people in Boston who've done business with rkk who never would again, and I say that respecting the fact that he's a tough, tough businessman not afraid to cut people off to win a deal.
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    What is next for BB?

    I find myself torn by the entirety of this article, because at the end of the day the only things particularly noteworthy in it were: Hadn't seen that reported before, maybe I missed it. No context about what not to trust. Everything else was basically the idea that billionaire owners...
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    MLB Mount Rushmore

    Babe Ruth Jackie Robinson Hank Aaron Willie Mays Very hard not to put a pitcher in there, but couldn't displace.
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    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    The complaining about not getting tickets from the station for an upcoming Bruins game knocked me out. Perhaps the ratings will suggest that the viewers have no issue with what the show has turned into (I like Hardy very much, moreso than Rich, just Fred is often unlistenable), but as someone...
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    2024 PGA Tour

    KVV uses the word "damning" in his next tweet (or previous) regarding Kim Mulvey, so I don't think it's a word he was placing with a lot of precision. I also believe since a follow up tweet says "Malnati Rules...what a delightful nerd" - I think he's using Damning as a reference to Malnati...
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    Patriots' 2024 Free Agency Thread

    If the Patriots draft a QB who looks like Bryce Young after his first season, even if this team goes 7-10 on the back of a great defense, it was a terrible year. Assuming a QB pick, which feels safe at this point, everything about everything relates to our QB development in 2024. Brissett feels...