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  1. nighthob

    Red Sox select Braden Montgomery in first round of 2024 draft.

    This was my problem with Bloom, the draft/IFA approach was to draft quantity and let the development staff take it from there, but the latter part of the team wasn’t very good. The new regime seems to have a better handle on the development system.
  2. nighthob

    2024 MLB Draft - Potential future Sox

    I feel like I’ve read that before. It’s basically a piece on the scouting/development departments and how they try to coordinate on draft decisions.
  3. nighthob

    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    Give 2007 LeBron an aging Kyrie and he likely curbstomps the NBA for a few seasons and gives the Cavs leeway to rebuild after the running mate aged out (or, had Danny Ferry not outsmarted himself into believing that a collection of roleplayers would be better than Joe Johnson).
  4. nighthob

    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    I'll defend heliocentric players in that I think that LeBron, Steph, and present day JT are also extremely heliocentric players, they're just also versatile. I always used to say about AI back in the day that I loved watching Iverson play... for the 76ers. I'd've hated him if he played for...
  5. nighthob

    2024 MiLB Injuries & Other Affronts

    They clearly have a thing for Charlie Zinks.
  6. nighthob

    MLB Draft 2024 - Potential future Red Sox

    I’m hoping that he’s the one that slips, he’s got a great hit tool. Griffin would also look good at #12.
  7. nighthob

    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    And post-back injury David Robinson was gone. The post-injury guy was still a good player, but pre-back injury he was a transcendent talent. The injury was real.
  8. nighthob

    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    It was a back injury, and given that he was never the same after that year, it was real.
  9. nighthob

    Wyc ownership group planning to make Celtics available for sale

    Yeah, every time that "Woah is me, no free agent will ever sign with the Celtics" came up I'd always point out the fact that for most of the free agent era (in the NBA) the Celtics were owned by Sterling East. Thanks Dad! was despised by NBA agents.
  10. nighthob

    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    Yeah, it’s not like Tatum or Brown were missing fiercely contested threes. And they pretty much scored at will in the paint despite their erratic distance shooting. Dallas’s defense was pretty mediocre.
  11. nighthob

    Jayson Tatum - Contract extension - Mission Accomplished (now with more $$$$$)

    And Laker, Sixer, and Maverick fans all call him Big Deuce Head. Can't really blame them, though.
  12. nighthob

    Wyc ownership group planning to make Celtics available for sale

    I’d prefer Norway’s sovereign wealth fund (Government National Pension Fund of Norway) buy the Celtics (if we’re choosing between SWFs). It’s hard to hate the Norwegian government and it’s the richest SWF in the world (north of 1.6 trillion the last time I looked). Heck, they could afford to buy...
  13. nighthob

    Wyc ownership group planning to make Celtics available for sale

    He is the perfect owner for the MFYs and LA Lakers.
  14. nighthob

    Agents of KAOS: Rafaela, Duran, O'Neill, Romy, & Blizzard

    My only problem with the slo-pitch softball type of baseball was their refusal to adhere to the rules. If they were chugging beers after every home run and strike out it would have been a lot more fun.
  15. nighthob

    MLB Draft 2024 - Potential future Red Sox

    Yeah, I'm expecting an underslot draftee at #12 followed by gambles later on.
  16. nighthob

    Celtics Offseason 2024 - Wake Me Up When September Ends

    Kornet back on a one year deal. View: On nights next year when Al’s sitting, can we call Boston’s C rotation the Korneto Trilogy?
  17. nighthob

    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    I would dearly love the Sixers to sign George, win the #1 seed, and then get trounced in the first round when both he and Embiid are injured.
  18. nighthob

    2024 NBA Draft

    I often like to dream of what ‘87 would have looked like if Boston had picked Hot Rod in ‘85 and Len Bias had stayed away from coke. McHale’s career would have had a different ending if he hadn’t played that year on a broken foot, and they would have sent him to the bench to rest and recover if...
  19. nighthob

    Celtics draft Anton Watson (Gonzaga F) with 54th pick

    That was my reaction to the two game reels I saw of him pre-draft. I think they totaled less than five minutes between them, and the offensive highlights weren’t terribly highlighty. He definitely has defensive potential, but he’s going to need a real jumper if he hopes to catch on in the NBA.
  20. nighthob

    Predicting NBA 3P%

    I think people may just be talking past one another on this. If someone is an average trey shooter but a good free throw shooter, the FT% is an indicator that their shooting form is fine and they just need to extend their range. Someone with a good 3FG% that’s a poor free throw shooter we should...