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  1. Curtis Pride

    My Ideal Metric - TOTAL bases

    Yes, this answered my question. Thank you. As I was writing it occurred to me that it would be closer to OPS+ instead of raw OPS.
  2. Curtis Pride

    My Ideal Metric - TOTAL bases

    That wasn't my question. Why total bases per run instead of just bases per run, which would always be 4? One possibility is to adjust to hitting environment, like what would the MLB avg. TTBR would look like in the dead-ball era or the steroids era? I suppose it would take into account caught...
  3. Curtis Pride

    My Ideal Metric - TOTAL bases

    I'm a little confused about your methodology in calculating TTBR/27. Why are you using the MLB avg. TTB/R (4.22) as your divisor instead of simply 4 bases per run (BPR)? What does TTB/R include that BPR does not?
  4. Curtis Pride

    Are the Pats the worst team in the NFL?

    I don't really care how many game the Pats win this year. If they show improvement at the end of the season from the beginning, there's room for optimism. If the OL can improve to a middle-third unit, that would go a long way into rebuilding a contender.
  5. Curtis Pride

    2024 broncos how deep in cap hell will we go

    From the article it looks like Shaw is more like Cesario was with BB. He's going to help Payton get the players who fit in his system. Shaw had coached with Payton before, so there's some familiarity between them.
  6. Curtis Pride

    Post-Championship Media Thread

    Winning the In-Sseason Tournament is like winning the Maui Invitational. Sure, they won a tournament and that's nice, but it isn't the league championship. I think it's lame to give the two winners equal billing.
  7. Curtis Pride

    How ‘bout those damn Celtics? An Appreciation Thread

    I think when Jaylen was drafted, he was noted for his tremendous athleticism, but his basketball skills were pretty raw compared to the other candidates. the C's must have seen some quality in him, most likely when they interviewed him, that his attitude and mindset would propel him to work hard...
  8. Curtis Pride

    Rank the best moves by a Celtics GM that contributed to a Banner.

    My rankings would be: 1. The Russell trade. 11 championships is hard to top. 2. No.1 (Joe Barry Carroll) for Robert Parish and no. 3 (Kevin McHale). The NBA definition of "heist." 3. Drafting Larry Bird a year early and signing him before the next draft. Bird probably could have won without...
  9. Curtis Pride

    NBA Finals, Game 5, June 17: Banner Day>Flag Day

    FWIW, the Boston area code is 617. So it's only natural that they win on 6/17. We've got this.
  10. Curtis Pride

    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    Let’s see… 1. Celtics’ shots were just a bit off, especially in the first half. If they made the usual percentages, it would have been a much closer game. 2. They were scrambling a bit on defense, leaving corner threes open and being out of position for rebounds. A little better defense would...
  11. Curtis Pride

    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    The most amazing about Luka fouling out is that four of his fouls came in the fourth quarter: 11:47 offensive foul against Jaylen 9:24 foul against Pritchard (early in the Mavs' 22-2 run) 4:38 foul against Jaylen (near the end of the run) 4:12 foul against Jaylen (before Kyrie cuts the lead to...
  12. Curtis Pride

    National Celtics discourse

    This game is why the "Luka vs. Jayson" or the "Luka+Kyrie vs. the Jays" narrative fails: Luka 30, Jayson 16 Luka+Kyrie 42, Jays 38 Top 2 scorers: Luka+PJWash 44, Jaylen+KP 42 (+2) Next 4 scorers: Dallas (Hardy, Kyrie, Gafford, Jones) 38, Boston (Tatum, White, Jrue, Al) 53 (-15) Rest of team...
  13. Curtis Pride

    What is your top concern for NBA Finals (For Celtics Fans)?

    The most obvious concern for me is Porzingis' health and effectiveness. A lesser concern is an injury to Tatum. They probably could win without him, but it would be much harder. Luka going off would be a problem, but the way the Celtics play, Luka could score 45 points, get a triple-double, and...
  14. Curtis Pride

    Round 2: Celtics vs Cavs

    I don't know how predictive this is, but I have noticed that in the playoffs, the Celtics are 7-1 when they have at least 2 20+ point scorers, and 7-0 when their opponents have just 1 player scoring 20+ points. On the Cavs, that's Mitchell, although Garland scored 30 in Game 4 while Mitchell was...
  15. Curtis Pride

    5/1: Game 5@Boston

    I think so, yes. He'd still look to trade Smart, TL, and Brogdon anyway.
  16. Curtis Pride

    5/1: Game 5@Boston

    Bump the Heat out of the game and out of the playoffs.
  17. Curtis Pride

    Celtics vs Da Culture - Round 1 (FIGHT!)

    I didn't hear SVG's announcing, but I just want to point out that his first NBA coaching gig was with the Miami Heat (8 seasons as an assistant under Riley, plus 3 seasons as head coach after Riley was kicked upstairs). He's a Miami/Riley homer.
  18. Curtis Pride

    2024 Playoffs Western Conference First Round: (3) Minnesota Timberwolves vs (6) Phoenix Suns

    How did they manage that? Is the Stepien Rule no longer in place?
  19. Curtis Pride

    Celtics vs Da Culture - Round 1 (FIGHT!)

    Spoelstra was an assistant for Riley on those mid-90's Heat teams. Riley, in turn, coached Alonzo Mourning and Patrick Ewing, who played that clutch-and-grab style at Georgetown. So "Heat Culture" can be traced back to "Hoya Paranoia."