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  1. theXman

    Is Bogaerts getting a pass?

    Huge fan of Bogaerts (as my username implies), and I've been generally disappointed with Bogaerts this year like most in this thread. Chalking a poor season up to injury without any data to support that claim is extremely unsatisfying, so I dove into the Statcast/Pitch FX data to try and see any...
  2. theXman

    2016 NFL Draft: Day 2, Rounds 2-3

    Hope the Jets do something dumb!
  3. theXman

    The sixers and building a winner

    Per ESPN, below is a link to the 13 page resignation letter Hinkie wrote to the 76ers board. Some references to Belichick and Bill James, among others. Still reading through it, but interesting to a geek like me (and I'd imagine some of you).
  4. theXman

    Brady/Manning XVII

    Interesting 5 minute video breaking down the Broncos' tendencies last week vs. the Steelers. I'm curious to see how much Denver will be able to change the tendencies pointed out here. Seems like they're heavily limited by the current form of Manning. Interested what some of the smarter folks...
  5. theXman

    Steelers/Broncos Gamethread

  6. theXman

    Steelers/Broncos Gamethread

    Pittsburgh D / Manning incompetence really keeping this game from slipping away for the Steelers
  7. theXman

    Steelers/Broncos Gamethread

    Great stand by PIT D
  8. theXman

    That's great, but who are the Chefs?

    Maclin ACL not torn - could play on Saturday
  9. theXman

    That's great, but who are the Chefs?

    I took a look at the one game Maclin missed this year to see how they adjusted their offensive attack: Week 7 vs. Pittsburgh w/ Landry Jones. Chiefs ended up winning 23-13, though it was close heading into the 4th quarter and the Chiefs were only able to generate 9 points by halftime. Chiefs...
  10. theXman

    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    Definitely a fumble - wow!
  11. theXman

    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    Oh my god - this board would lose its mind on that play call. Rightfully so, I may add.
  12. theXman

    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    Big Ben is coming back into this game
  13. theXman

    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    Got to hope for a furious Cincy comeback .... *Sees AJ McCarron throw it to no one* Shit.
  14. theXman

    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    This game is like watching the Popeyes bowl between a MAC and CUSA team. 3 TOs in the first quarter, kickoff return for TD, and wide open passes being missed.
  15. theXman

    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    Houston limping off is a big injury not just for this game, but a potential Patriots matchup. He's a big key to their D.
  16. theXman

    NFL Week 17 Game Thread

    Peyton looked like a rag doll in that replay
  17. theXman

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk 17 @ Miami

    Great to have no injuries. I'd say the "goat" is the purposeful execution of a "vanilla" offensive scheme. I've seen a lot of Patriots beat reporters and posters here describing the offensive approach as "vanilla". I tend to agree. What has me curious is - Why? Let's assume they are...
  18. theXman

    Week #1 NFL game thread

      The pass hit Matthews in the face and he dropped it, causing the INT.  Not exactly Bradford's fault there. 
  19. theXman

    BbtL/Patriots Nation Super Bowl Roll Call

    Madison, WI in a snowstorm alone.   Watched with my Dad in '01, '03, & '04.   Watched with Non-Pats buddies in '07 & '11.   The decision to blow off a big Super Bowl party today was an easy one to make.