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  1. Jason Bae

    MLB Draft 2024 - Potential future Red Sox

    I just want to know if he's an aircraft carrier.
  2. Jason Bae

    July: Red Sox discussion, observations and trend tracking...AKA It's not all about the Benjamins
  3. Jason Bae

    6/24...The Incredible Houck vs Toronto

    Up to .293/.355/.488 and a 132 wRC+. 40 extra base hits and 20 steals, 3+ WAR whether you look at FanGraphs or BB-Ref (which had him at 4.2!). Hopefully he can make a run at the 20-20-20-20 club.
  4. Jason Bae

    6/24...The Incredible Houck vs Toronto

    Wow, what a win. I love me some Jarren Duran.
  5. Jason Bae

    Yes. Like That. Again

    Especially in Toronto.
  6. Jason Bae

    Yes. Like That. Again

    He hits way too many ground balls. Exit velocity and hard hit percentage only matter so much when you're hitting balls into the dirt on a regular basis (as DeadlySplitter stated). A 130 career OPS+ and 17 WAR sound nice, but a good chunk of that WAR came from his 2021 season and he's only had...
  7. Jason Bae

    2024 Lineup (What we actually have - no trade speculation.)

    Sox are hitting .295/.374/.475 with 88 runs in 15 games so far this month. The majority of the team has been hitting this month, especially Duran/Valdez/Devers...
  8. Jason Bae

    Again. More

    It's not like Trevino has been awful at throwing runners out either. He had a 32% CS% entering tonight, and he led the AL In 2022.
  9. Jason Bae

    Again. More

    It's like watching 2009/2010 Varitek
  10. Jason Bae

    Again. More

    He's the new Nick Markakis. Dependable for a 105-110 OPS+ but that's about it. Stanton could still hit 30+ home runs but it'll come with a .300ish OBP. Volpe's looking like a very good major leaguer, but he still had a 106 OPS+ entering today's affair... the baserunning and defense are doing a...
  11. Jason Bae

    Again. More

    As good as the Yankees lineup has been overall, it's a rather unbalanced lineup. Soto/Judge has been doing a lot of the heavy lifting.
  12. Jason Bae

    June 2024 MLB Gamethread

  13. Jason Bae

    Brayan Bello signed to a 6 year, $55 million extension

    He stopped throwing his 4 seam and cutter (not that he used that much last year). I do wonder if that's led to his sinker falling off this year. Even if they weren't effective pitches, at least they're something to differentiate from his sinker. He's only throwin the sinker/slider/changeup mix...
  14. Jason Bae

    Who to buy at the trade deadline?

    And the Sox already have a young player with similar BB/K issues (Rafaela). I can live with LRJ having an OBP around .320 if he's slugging around .500. I worry more about his BA cratering from said BB/K issues and he struggles to get an OBP near, say, .270.
  15. Jason Bae

    6/6/2024 - The Untouchable vs White Sox

    I blame Billy Beane for writing Moneyball.
  16. Jason Bae

    2024 Lineup (What we actually have - no trade speculation.)

    Duran's last 164 games: .280/.338/.467, 117 wRC+, .346 wOBA, .360 BABIP, 7.2% BB%, 24% K%, 51 doubles, 11 triples, 12 HR, 35 SB (caught 5 times) That's a lot of extra base hits.
  17. Jason Bae

    6/5/2024 - Afternoon Delight vs Braves

    They've also had down years from Riley, Olson and the aforementioned Acuna before his season ending injury. Crazy to think they're only 6th in the NL in runs after scoring 947 runs last year.
  18. Jason Bae

    2024 Portland Sea Dogs (AA)

    The lack of walks has been a surprise, but I'm glad to see him hitting well after his injuries/struggles last year. He's also brought the K% down (was 21.5% prior to today's game). If anything, I'm curious about his batted ball profile. He's got a pretty high GB%, a rather low FB%, and a rather...
  19. Jason Bae

    Tanner Houck 2024

    Nice to see him putting the "he can't pitch the third time in the order" narrative to rest.