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  1. nocode51

    Team USA 2024

    Agreed but we're they better prospects after high school or after they played some college ball? I really don't know, I have focused on Cooper because of the Maine connection.
  2. nocode51

    Team USA 2024

    Best American prospect since who do you think? All the way to LeBron?
  3. nocode51

    Joe Mazzulla officially named head coach

    Totally agree with this. I thought the interview was really funny and was surprised to see everyone here saying it shows he's crazy. I think people are taking him too literally.
  4. nocode51

    Is It Over Now? Chiefs/Niners SB Thread

    The roller skates really saved it.
  5. nocode51

    The trouble with Kobe. An Appology

    I always take the trash can thing to be hoisting up terrible shots at a low percentage and then yelling the name of the patron saint of terrible shots fired with way too much confidence.
  6. nocode51

    How did you discover SoSH?

    In Sept 2004 I had a close friend die suddenly of a heart condition. A friend of mine told me about the "win it for" thread so I checked it out and got hooked.
  7. nocode51

    SoSH Playoff Predictions 2024

    Oh but Boston Brawler could still pull it out, plus he gets to pull for the Lions to pull it off.
  8. nocode51

    SoSH Playoff Predictions 2024

    Well the top 3 of us all have the same picks for this weekend, so kind of boring. Oil Can Dan and I even have Baltimore winning with 27 points, so it would come down to me cheering for the Niners not to score more than 17. Although if Baltimore wins and SF scores 20 we tie.
  9. nocode51

    SoSH Playoff Predictions 2024

    (2) BUF over (7) PIT (3) KC over (6) MIA (5) CLE over (4) HOU (3) DET over (6) LAR (4) TB over (4) PHI (2) GB over (7) DAL (1) BAL over (5) CLE (2) KC over (3) BUF (1) SF over (5) TB (3) DET over (2) BG (1) BAL over (2) KC (1) SF over (3) DET (1) BAl over SF 27-17
  10. nocode51

    11/28 vs Bulls (7:30pm) - win big or... stay home

    We could be in a weird situation where if Miami wins we need them to win by like 10. I don't know why people want to get ride of the scoring differential, I love this.
  11. nocode51

    11/28 vs Bulls (7:30pm) - win big or... stay home

    It would be nice if Tatum took over for a few minutes on offense.
  12. nocode51

    11/4: Celtics@Nets

    Well you won't find out tonight, he's sitting out the game. Says injury management with his back injury.
  13. nocode51

    2023-2024 Celtics Wins Poll

    I think we can hit 60 this year. Also I have to say I saw the title of this thread and wondered "who cares that we won a poll?" before figuring it out.
  14. nocode51

    MLB suspends Trevor Bauer for 2 years with no pay

    It seems like she knew he liked to beat women which is where her plan came from. So one of his teammates encouraged her to blackmail him or am I reading that part wrong? My view would be it does seem like she set him up by knowing how terrible he was but that doesn't redeem him and he should...
  15. nocode51

    Wander Franco Is In Trouble (Grooming/Pedo Warning)

    Oh I agree it's completely different and it would seem that there is going to be a wave of evidence to show what he did. I just remember thinking it was clear Watson's career was over and he was probably going to jail and then someone he comes out with the most guaranteed money ever. It seems...
  16. nocode51

    Wander Franco Is In Trouble (Grooming/Pedo Warning)

    I'm sure Siri was told someone was trying to do some bullshit blackmail of him so he threw in his comments in the background. I bet he's not thrilled that he was in the video with what he knows now. Speaking of what we know. So there are pics on social media of them together but is that it? I...
  17. nocode51

    In season tournament official

    I like it. I wonder how the draws work, So there are 15 teams in each conference is it put into 5 buckets based on top 3 records, next 3, etc?
  18. nocode51

    Summer League 2023

    Flagg followed that game up with a 37 PTS, 12 REB, 10 BLK, 6 AST, 2 STL game in the quarter final today. Semifinal game is starting now. It's crazy that this kid is from Maine. Before this we would get excited anytime we had a kid who could play division 1 and now to have a kid from Newport...
  19. nocode51

    6/18 (was 6/17)-MFY Word Association Fathers Day

    I know, i can see the runs but I still don't know what actually happened.