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  1. cmurphycode

    Celtics-Raptors 2nd Round--Dethrone the Champs

    You'd have to have mile high expectations of yourself to come back after losing 3 in a row
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    2019-2020 Celtics Regular Season Thread

    At first I had the same reaction, but I think the point is a bit more subtle. I think the point is that losing a crucial player will mean you don't win a championship. Then, you ask which players are crucial. On a team with a very top heavy lineup, if one of their top 2 goes down, they're in...
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    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    In 445 offensive snaps, Dwayne Allen was targeted 4 times and had 3 receptions for 27 yards last year. Someone with more scheme knowledge please explain to me, why can't we ask this guy to lose 20 pounds and play "TE"? I can't imagine he would be less credible as a receiving threat than Allen was.
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    Craig Kimbrel: Dominant Closer

    Brooksbaseball has this. Yearly average swing percentage at curve: 36.93 October: 22.73
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    Craig Kimbrel: Dominant Closer

    Fangraphs has the data, but you can only see it (as far as I can tell) by graphing it. The tables have links for postseason but they don't do anything. Edit: nevermind, it doesn't show on the graphs, either. Also, it's important to note they have zone percentage by baseball info solutions and...
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    Celtics in 18-19

    And in fact, we already saw Aron hit Kyrie with a slick pass on the roll.
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    Getting Smart with Statistics

    You know, I'm not necessarily disagreeing with your overall point here. But your last sentence? You're on the message board of the former 53 win, 1 seed, ECF Celtics, who returned just 4 players due to a series of controversial trades by the man literally nicknamed Trader Danny.
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    2017 Patriots Defense

    Nice charts! 1) what does point size mean? 2) can we see the residuals for the turnover adjusted chart? 3) not sure if this is possible with your data source, but an interesting graph might be a correlation between residuals and the score delta at that time. If you want to analyze how far...
  9. cmurphycode

    Smart's Value

    I don't think he's saying 23 is late; rather, that that is the age Smart is for this season. So, one could hope for a leap. That being said, yes, Artest was ahead of Smart during comparable years.
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    How good is Al Horford on this team?

    Some stats and clips that back up what you're saying about screens and post offense
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    How good is Al Horford on this team?

    Amongst the argument over whether Irving is good enough to be an alpha-tier star on this team, some posters thought that Horford is underrated. So, let's try to answer some questions. How good was Al Horford last year? Was his impact on that team notably different than his previous squads? What...
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    The 2017 Major League Soccer Thread

    Long shot, anyone going to the Revs game tonight?
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    2017 NBA offseason thread

    Maybe the people who watched Leicester City :eek:
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    That was then: Celebrating what was

    I agree. Interestingly, if you can adapt constantly, spotting trends and finding inefficiencies, then getting older only makes you more effective (at least until you can't handle the mental grind). That's a big "if", of course - and Belichick seems to do it better than most. But as you gain...
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    2017 The Rex Burkhead IS NOW A NEW ENGLAND CHAMPION PATRIOT thread

    Really don't disagree at all about using reps of 2 plates to measure football strength, but he put up 21 reps.
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    That was then: Celebrating what was

    Simpson's paradox - worth a read, good stuff.
  17. cmurphycode

    AFC Championship: Patriots vs Steelers, the buildup

    Yeah, it happens to at least one team almost every year.
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    The Black Unicorn: TE Martellus Bennett in NE

    This is hilarious! If you need a reason to read this article, here's a quote "During their rides, Bennett discussed with Rob Gronkowski the importance of reading books."
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    Michael Kopech, RHP: 2014 MLB Draft 33th Overall

    Pitch at 1:52 was a slider. Second to last pitch to final batter was a change up. Bad called strike IMO.