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  1. LynnRice75

    July 14 - Royals @ Red Sox

    I wish the lead were more lovable. Lots of missed chances so far. Hope we hang on.
  2. LynnRice75

    Game 93: 7/12-Royals at Sox

    Series 31: ROYALS vs SOX Though Meat Loaf claimed “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad,” dropping one to the A’s still left me sad. (Not deeply depressed, but more than a tad.) Despite the rough season’s start that we had, we’ve shown that winning is not just a fad. We host the Royals with a chance to...
  3. LynnRice75

    July 9, 2024 - Athletics vs Red Sox

    Series 30: A’s vs SOX I wanted three. (I’m not apologetic), but beating the Yankees was copasetic. I thought we’d be good. (Though I’m not prophetic.) but early on, it was just “Call the medic!” So many injured. (Perhaps it’s genetic?) Team doctors ran out of all anesthetic. Mediocre at first...
  4. LynnRice75

    Sox at NYY July 5

    Series 29: SOX at YANKEES I think we are better. There’s no figures to fudge. This Yankee squad’s not much more than Soto and Judge. They’ve been erased from first place. I still see the smudge. They’re below the O’s now, so let’s give them a nudge, and hope that they plunge further down...
  5. LynnRice75

    Sox at Mia July 2

    Series 28: SOX at MARLINS We’ve reached July and we’re still playoff-ish. Don’t let these dreams of October go “squish.” A shot to move up! Let’s hope it’s a swish. We’re hungry. We don’t want a snack or knish or a small stack of shrimp placed on our dish. It’s time to grab a full serving of...
  6. LynnRice75

    6/28- X marks the spot

    Series 27: PADRES vs SOX Were facing the Padres who play without Xander. Loved him in our Sox, but I’ll say with full candor: We’re okay without him. (I hope that’s not slander.) A glance at the standings by any bystander will show that the Red Sox are now the commander of their playoff...
  7. LynnRice75

    6/24...The Incredible Houck vs Toronto

    Series 26: JAYS vs SOX The last time Toronto faced us, they were swept. We left the Jays Blue and we laughed while they wept. They’re in our house now and our home team is pepped. The Agents of Chaos have recently stepped up the intensity, and we’ve swiftly leapt back into the race. All...
  8. LynnRice75

    Our Chowdah Laughs Five Ways At Your Shitty Chili...

    Was it wise to catch that in foul territory, knowing it likely gives up the go ahead run? Guess you’ve got to, but I can see an argument on the other side if I squint hard enough.
  9. LynnRice75

    Our Chowdah Laughs Five Ways At Your Shitty Chili...

    And we’ve had like 15 shortstops! I’m headed away for two weeks abroad. (A hiatus from teaching.) Hopefully, I can manage zones and wifi and still post series-starting poems… though the winning percentage on opening games may improve if I miss a couple.
  10. LynnRice75

    Oh Hey. Baseball

    And a first baseman.
  11. LynnRice75

    Oh Hey. Baseball

    I blame my poems.
  12. LynnRice75

    Oh Hey. Baseball

    Series 25: SOX vs REDS We tackled Toronto and tore them to shreds. We are kicking ass and we’re covering spreads. We are showing off speed akin to purebreds. We are Agents of Kaos. (Don’t call the Feds.) These days, Boston fans sleep quite well in our beds with banner-filled dreams and win...
  13. LynnRice75

    Go and Go and Go

    Check swing roller down first base line. Lucky hit.
  14. LynnRice75

    NBA Finals, Game 5, June 17: Banner Day>Flag Day

    Differential would be even cooler if they’d put up a better effort in game 4.
  15. LynnRice75

    NBA Finals, Game 5, June 17: Banner Day>Flag Day

    I would have voted for Jayson. I feel his stats were better all around.
  16. LynnRice75

    Take the Show on the Road

    They're free-swingers?
  17. LynnRice75

    Take the Show on the Road

    If we only had some production from first base. Sigh. We have several extra infielders who seem to produce. Surely, one of them can take first until Casas returns.