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    Game 3 - Bruins @ Blues

    This is pretty awesome
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    How Good Are The 2017 Yankees?

    That's a very interesting point. I'm always hesitant to agree that pro athletes are just trying harder, I mean don't they have to try pretty hard to get where they are? But it is incredibly interesting that so many veterans are "overachieving" at once. Especially since they are hitters in April.
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    Sox-Yanks: The Kids

    I looked at the Yanks hot start today for the .com
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    How Good Are The 2017 Yankees?

    I think I'm a believer but of course it could go bad very quickly.
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    Race and the Red Sox

    I'm not sure why that's ironic or relevant. And of course, that's kind of beside the point when it comes to the article.
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    Race and the Red Sox

    @JesusQuintana recently published his take on this Adam Jones story on the .com, and well... it's that Adam Jones should be the story.
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    Win Sox Tickets!

    I really enjoyed all three articles and it was definitely a close, tough vote. I hope all three authors continue to write and submit articles to us. We will be a better site if you do.
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    Gillette crowd noise: is it a problem?

    I've been a season ticket holder and been going to most games for the past 5 years or so. The crowd is usually great for playoff games and other big games. Sunday night was atrocious. All the complaints above are accurate and it is a combination of those reasons as to why the in-stadium...
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    Collins traded to Cleveland per Schefter

    Isn't Lombardi saying that the more going on was that Collins was freelancing? It's not that he made a bad decision or bad play. It's that he shot the hole when he was supposed to have outside containment.
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    Collins traded to Cleveland per Schefter

    Here's the play that Lombardi referenced. It does appear that Collins should have had outside containment on it.
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    SoSH Fantasy Hockey Year 3 (League full)

    What about the taxi driver? I want him.
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    SoSH Fantasy Hockey Year 3 (League full)

    It appears the league is set up for keepers. So I was confused. Edit: And I'm changing my team name to Patrick Kane Attacked Me. Does that mean I get a keeper?
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    SoSH Fantasy Hockey Year 3 (League full)

    What are the keeper rules for this league? I forget.
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    JBJ in August

    Ian York dives deeper into JBJ's August to look for an explanation for his bad month.
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    Has Edro Turned a Corner?

    Ian York does Ian-York-things and looks specifically at Rodriguez's new reliance on the slider to see if he can sustain his success from his last two starts. Edit: forgot a couple words.
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    Red Sox Mid-season Review

    With 82 games in the books and their June Swoon in the rear-view mirror (hopefully), Abs looks at the Red Sox first half.
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    The Cuban Cost Conundrum

    In an attempt to put Rusney Castillo in context and to predict the signing cost Yulieski and Lourdes Gourriel, @Cuzittt wrote today about the results of the players that have defected from Cuba to play US professional ball.
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    How Scott Boras broke the draft

    I find it incredibly interesting that Boras has been so effective at taking the heat off his players and the teams. The average fan hates Boras and fears when their team has to negotiate with him. But if you step back and look at the big picture (as Tom has done here), you see that he has had a...
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    The Rises

    Sox Lunch is indeed a great service. I highly recommend at least subscribing to his daily e-mail that links to excellent Red Sox articles across the internet.
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    PLEASE Follow SoSH Baseball

    The vast majority of our image and gif work is done by @Snodgrass'Muff on the board or here on twitter. I agree his stuff is top notch.