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    2022 Hall of Fame Class

    He had neither a needle nor creatinE in his locker, he had a tub of androstendione, a legal over-the-counter anabolic steroid precursor you could pick up at GNC.
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    Red Sox in season discussion

    Fangraphs calculates WAR for team at a given position by adding up the WAR of all the individual players who played that position for that team, including WAR from when they weren't playing that position. That's why the PA totals are goofy. It's possible they only include WAR from players...
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    Andrelton Simmons to refuse COVID-19 vaccine

    Experimental medical procedure with a DNA modification strategy never implemented before and not substantially tested in humans to prevent an event with a 99.7% or better survival rate in healthy people younger than 70. Are you talking about the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines? They're mRNA...
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    Red Sox 2b in aggregate 2019

    Unfortunately fangraphs' by-position charts may not be very helpful. Those are the total stats for all players that played 2b, including when they weren't playing 2b. It includes, e.g., all of Chavis' stats even though he's played more at 1b than 2b.
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    April 2017 MLB Game Thread

    His FIP is only 20.87 so he's probably just suffered bad luck on balls in play (BABIP = .750)