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    What If you could change One (little?) thing.

    What if the Memphis Grizzlies won the 2003 Lottery? They traded their first round pick to Detroit but it was #1 protected. Lebron would be joining a team with Pau Gasol, Jason Williams, Mike Miller, and Shane Battier. If that’s too much youth Jerry West is the team executive charged with...
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    NBA All-Star Game Weekend 2024 with Dunks, Skills, 3 Point Competitions, ASG: Hooiser Daddy?

    Regardless of how one feels about the contest and its entrance criteria, I think this 1996 event would’ve been something to watch:
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    Really enjoyed the discussion and wanted to link this Sports Illustrated article about Robinson from 1985: As He Grows, So Goes the Navy The Admiral’s combination of speed, agility (note his gymnastics accomplishment in the article), and size would be a problem for offenses and defenses in any...
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    2023 NBA Playoffs

    There were three seasons that Michael Jordan averaged more 3+ 3PA’s: 89-90, 95-96, and 96-97. His 3P% in those years was 38%, 43%, and 37%, respectively. MJ would be an incredible shooter in today’s game given the way the sport has developed and the way players train. What impact does the...
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    Thank you, Danny Ainge

    I’d like to see Ainge’s number in the rafters. The next retired number will require a new banner. Although the Celtics retire a lot of numbers, a brand new banner would likely be someone significant in Celtic history. If the next retired number were a player on the current roster, it might be...
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    If you had a time machine...

    Fun thread! Just for fun... The Philadelphia 76ers win the 1997 NBA Draft Lottery and draft Tim Duncan #1 overall. Larry Brown is still named coach that offseason. They don’t trade #2 pick Keith Van Horn with Michael Cage and Lucious Harris to the Nets for Tim Thomas, Anthony Parker, Eric...
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    Playoff Game Thread

    Spurs come right back. Kawhii with 11 points on 5-5 shooting, two assists, and a steal in the first quarter.
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    2016-2017 NBA Game Thread

    LaMarcus Aldridge back for the Spurs as they host Portland. National tv game.
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    2015-2016 NBA Game Thread

    Golden State at San Antonio on Saturday has the makings of a classic. The Spurs beat the Clippers and moved to 33-0 at home this season. The only game between now and GSW is when the Trail Blazers come to town Thursday. The Warriors host the Knicks Wednesday. GSW plays in Dallas on Friday...
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    2015-2016 NBA Game Thread

    Spurs at Thunder going down to the last seconds.   Leonard with career high in points.
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    Penn State AD and Sandusky Charged

    Bill James appeared on ESPN Radio to add to his previous comments: http://hardballtalk....aterno-defense/ Given the cover-up by the archdiocese and child sex abuse by a former club house manager, I am shocked as well as disgusted by his comments. Is he playing the super-contrarian out of some...
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    No. Pedro struck out five of the first six batters.