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  1. Chainsaw318

    7/14/2024 - KCamp > Math

    isn’t this also The Thing that is concerning with Meidroth? He will get challenged with even mediocre fastballs and be unable to do damage to them? If Chase had most of David Hamilton’s pop, he’s an interesting backup who you can play 3-4 times a week. Without it, he’s an up and down call-up...
  2. Chainsaw318

    7/14/2024 - KCamp > Math

    I didn’t know until today that Yoeilin Cespedes is done for the year with a hamate bone break. Losing him and Perales for the year in the last month is a kick in the pelvic area.
  3. Chainsaw318

    Allan Castro

    And another Friday. On a heater. from yesterdays minor league game thread: “3 HR day is fun, especially when you see them from both sides of the plate - 2 left-handed and 1 right-handed. Been pretty good over the past 30 games or so Cherry-picking the last 28 days from baseball reference...
  4. Chainsaw318

    7/11/2024 - Happy Slushy Day

    Interesting. 3 HR day is fun, especially when you see them from both sides of the plate - 2 left-handed and 1 right-handed. Been pretty good over the past 30 games or so.
  5. Chainsaw318

    Allan Castro

    I feel like I cursed Castro when I created the thread, as he cratered in May - in 94 PAs .170 .316 .245 .561 Was better in June- 77 PAs .247 .370 .416 .786 And is raking in June, but that may be a bit of a good series in a small park. SoxProspects points that he may need to abandon...
  6. Chainsaw318

    6/30/2024 - Free Portland

    Mayer has been really impressive on paper this year and in the clips I’ve seen, to be honest. Bettered his OPS each month of the season (.819, .845, .882) Still vulnerable to LHP, but bat as bad as I feared. only 56 ABs and he had a hit today against one .232 .302 .321 .623 16K/5BB I’m...
  7. Chainsaw318

    6/21/2024 - Wife's bday has me running late

    Um - Juan Daniel Encarnacion is having some issues in the top 1st in Portland. 6 ER though 2/3 of an inning on 4 hits. There was a catchers interference as well, but not the best start.
  8. Chainsaw318

    2024 Greenville Drive (High-A)

    And at it again today. Hit his 11th on the 5th today.
  9. Chainsaw318

    Marcelo Mayer, 2021 1-4

    Mayer has done what anyone could have asked this season - shown that last years AA performance was impacted by the shoulder injury, show that injury has healed, and continue to impact the game. .300/.367/.482/.849 in 220 ABs in Portland. 20 doubles, 6 home runs and 12 steals. 23 walks, 52...
  10. Chainsaw318

    6/11/2024 - Guess Who's Back, Back Again Portland beat a Phillies aphiliate, 9-5. Several batters had a day, including Anthony 3-5 with a Triple, Campbell 4-5 with a 2B, Teel 2-5 with a SB, and Binelas 4-5 with 2 2B, a HR, 4RBI and a SB Actually...
  11. Chainsaw318

    6/11/2024 - Guess Who's Back, Back Again

    There may also be no transaction, as there’s no one to call up or activate from the development list to replace an injured player. The 165 player minor league domestic reserve list has limited the number of guys they can hold for injury replacements.
  12. Chainsaw318

    Formula 1 2024: Ferrari's Return to Glory. Possibly. Ok, Unlikely.

    Is that you, Bernie Ecclestone?
  13. Chainsaw318

    Nick Yorke

    And has his first AAA hit. The draft he was in had a heck of a first round, but in baseball it feels like a small win for your 1st round pick to make the majors, and Yorke is right on the doorstep there. Just turned 22.
  14. Chainsaw318

    6/5/2024 - I Remember Everything

    Helcris Olivarez is a wild follow in Portland. fun with #s - 11, 34, 27, 36, 11. Match those to his stats. Walks, Strikeouts, Hits allowed, IP, ER.
  15. Chainsaw318

    6/4/2024 - 7 Games on a Tuesday Portland scores 12. Mayer 3/4 with 2 BB. 20th double and 11th SB on the season. Kristian Campbell 2/4 with BB in his AA debut. One hit was a triple.
  16. Chainsaw318

    6/2/2024 - PERALES in Portland Perales debut in Portland was successful- 5 innings, an unearned run, 2 hits allowed, a walk and 7 strikeouts. Everyone in the Portland lineup had at least a hit. Mayer 1/3 with 2 walks, Teel 1/4 with a walk and an...
  17. Chainsaw318

    5/31/2024 - Happy Birthday Rafi & Semi (Friday)

    Portland lost, despite HRs from Teel, #5 , and Lugo, #11.Teel also had a SB and Nick Yorke had 2 hits. Dobbins continued to pitch well, going 7 innings, allowing 3 hits and no runs, with 8 Ks and a walk. Helcris Olivares then came in - gave up 4 runs in 2/3 of an inning.
  18. Chainsaw318

    5/31/2024 - Happy Birthday Rafi & Semi (Friday)

    FCL played this morning and lost 1-0 to the Twins. Cespedes 1-3 with a K.
  19. Chainsaw318

    5/31/2024 - Happy Birthday Rafi & Semi (Friday) JM3 is busy and Mayer and Teel stop hitting. Portland is being 1-hit through 3, but the flip is we have good Hunter Dobbins, who has allowed one hit as well though 3ip with 5k’s
  20. Chainsaw318

    5/28/2024 - Noah's Song (or at least his 27th birthday)

    Bleis has been blistering this month. AVG. OBP. SLG. O 318 .408 .506 .914 85 ABs, 4 Doubles, 4 HRs, 9 SB, 11BB It’s a spicy month.